What is iCloud locking on iPhone and how to get around it?

icloud unlock

iCloud locking on an iPhone is used to prevent someone from stealing the device. It locks out users who are not aware of their information or who buy a second hand phone from an owner who forgets to remove his/her information.

The simple solution to get around iCloud locking is to take the phone to the Apple Store and provide them proof that you are the owner. Take your original receipt and ID to an Apple Store, where many users have found success in overcoming the solution. You may also be able to take advantage of Apple’s online support service for the purpose; make sure you have all the information at hand before doing so.

But if that is not possible, there are other ways to get around the particular barrier.

Get in touch with the previous owner

If you bought the device from eBay or Craigslist, get in contact with the previous owner and ask them to remote the iCloud lock. If they were the rightful previous owner it would take them a few minutes only to get the job done.

If you meet the previous owner, he/she can enter the Apple ID and password to get past the iCloud lock. If they are not willing to meet you, you can ask them to go to iCloud.com/Find and sign in > Click on All Devices > on the device to remove > erase all content and settings > keep clicking next > click Remove from Account. Following these steps will leave the iPhone in a stable working state and the iCloud lock won’t bother you anymore; just log in to the phone and set it up as a new iPhone.

Remove iCloud lock service  

If you can’t get in touch with the previous owner of the handset, you can always take advantage of the iCloud lock bypass service. Such a service is going to cost $140 – $150 on average and can help you get past the lock. But please note it is not the same as factory unlock IMEI service which is basically made to get your iPhone SIM-free from carrier restriction.

iCloud lock removal service will remove the iCloud lock for anyone who has a handset stuck on it; whether you are locked out of your own unit  and are in a place like Saudi Arabia which has no Apple Store to go to, or you bought the handset from a seller who didn’t remove iCloud login.

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How To Unlock iPhone That You Bought From Craigslist?

unlock craigslist iPhoneCraigslist without a shadow of the doubt lists some of the best prices for iPhones. Just like the site eBay. However, most phones listed on the site are locked ones, but still people buy them because of the extremely low price.

However, a locked iPhone can’t be used on any other carrier apart from the carrier it was locked to when it was bought. So for example if you bought an iPhone that is locked to the AT&T carrier, you can only use it on AT&T, and it won’t catch network signals when you attempt to use the SIM card of another carrier.

So for example if you insert a Verizon SIM card in a handset that is locked to AT&T, it is not going to work. The only way to make a locked iPhone bought from Craigslist to work on other GSM carriers is to make the device SIM free with the IMEI unlock solution.

However, before you take advantage of such a solution, you have to make sure that the device you bought has a clean IMEI and it is activated on a particular carrier. This is the main requirement of the unlocking services. Though there are some websites that are going to provide a solution for inactivated iPhones and those which have a bad IMEI, you are likely to pay more money for such a service and even then you may find it difficult to get the unlock done.

But if your Craigslist bought iPhone is locked to a particular carrier, has a clean IMEI, you can submit it for unlocking. You are only required to find the 15-digit IMEI code of the handset and the service provider will take care of the rest. It may take 24 hours to several days for the unlock to be processed, and the time frame is going to depend on the carrier your device is locked to.

After the processing is done, you are going to receive unlocking instructions that will tell you how to get the unlock done. It is actually easy to follow the steps; you just need to connect the device to iTunes and read the email to complete the job. After the unlock is done, the iPhone you bought from Craigslist will work on any GSM carrier in any country. Your IMEI will also be whitelisted forever in the database that is Apple’s and there won’t be any worry of getting your device locked again if you update to new firmware and basebands in the future.

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How to ensure the site I am buying phone unlocking from is not a SCAM

unlock scam

The phone unlocking business has undergone a major shift in the last few years.

Now when you type the keyphrase ‘unlock’ in front of any phone brand in Google Search or social media, you see a list of unlocking services pop up and they all claim to be the legit service providers for unlocking different phone brands.

The results are so long that it can be an overwhelming task to sort out who is speaking the truth and who is likely to scam you for money.

So to ease the process of detecting legit sites, this article mentions the offerings, elements, customer service and features that make sure the site you are buying phone unlocking from is not a SCAM.

1.  Array of payment options

A site that offers unlocking services and claims to be legit should provide an array of payment options. They shouldn’t only ask for debit and credit card payments; these two forms of payments are the cause of most fraudulent online transactions.

Try to choose a service provider that offers PayPal as the payment option. PayPal is quite secure and makes sure you have the least chances of losing your money. In case you do make a payment but fail to receive the service, you can also make a case in PayPal with the proof that the site provider didn’t provide any service, and claim your refund.

2.  Live chat

Another important feature that should be present in an unlocking site is live chat. Live chat is a great way to solve problems related to your IMEI and get answers to all your unlocking questions in real time.

Live chat also ensures there is a real person on the other end and you are not being redirected to payment gateways or web pages that are attempting to hack your computer or your online accounts. You can also get customer service in real time this way.

3.  Transparent refund policy

Last but not the least, the refund policy of the website should be transparent. It should clearly state the circumstances under which the customer will be eligible for a refund, and the circumstances where no refund will be granted.

Here, you should look at the eligibility of refund when you enter the wrong carrier name or IMEI by mistake or you have been attempting to unlock a device that was stolen or barred by the carrier. Also, the refund policy should be written in clear text, with all the information related to the refund listed on a single page.

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How many digits in unlock code and how do I enter the unlock code into my phone?

unlock code enter pic

Phone unlocking has risen in popularity at an unprecedented rate.

And there’s a good reason behind this rise to fame.

With an unlocked phone, you can do anything that you can do with a new phone that comes manufactured from the factory without restrictions of a carrier. That means you can update it to new firmwares and basebands, and do all this stuff, without risking your device to get locked again.

You can also use the phone on any GSM carrier; a locked device on the other hand works basically like an iPod Touch; you can only use the iOS functionality but would not be able to make calls, send texts, or leverage any apps that bring the carrier function into play.

Unlocking codes and other types of unlocks

There are several methods which are applicable for unlocking devices. At one side there are hardware and software unlocks like SAM Unlock solution, Gevey SIM, Rebel Micro SIM and other similar solutions.

These solutions used to be the rage a few years ago, but now they only work temporarily and most of the devices unlocked via this method get relocked later when the baseband or firmware is updated, or when something like a jailbreak is performed on the device.

So now the only methods that work are the factory unlock solution and the unlock codes. Choosing unlock codes is one of the cheapest methods of making your device SIM free. It requires just inserting the code in your phone which makes it free from carrier restrictions.

How many digits are there in the unlock code?

This is an important question. Many people are unaware how many digits are there in an unlock code. So here’s a rule of thumb:

An unlock code will contain 10 digits or 15 digits. And 15 digits should be the maximum. Any more digits should be a sign that you have been scammed for your money. You need to insert the SIM card of an incompatible carrier inside your phone and when it opens, it will ask you for a PIN code. Insert your unlock code to get past the carrier restrictions.

And in case you don’t know how to enter the unlock code inside your phone, you just need to wait for the phone to ask for the code and use the keypad to dial the code as you do a phone number, and press Enter. That’s it!

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Can a non activated phone be unlocked?

activated phone

Unlocking a phone has become an easy feat.

Since the inception of unlocking services on the web, there are many phone brands that can be unlocked using software, hardware and factory unlock solutions.

There are several reasons why you want to unlock your phone; in fact, no one prefers a locked device over a locked one.

Usually service providers will ask customers to give orders for devices that are currently activated. This means the phone is functioning on a particular carrier; so the customer just needs to tell the name of the carrier along with his/her IMEI number for the phone to be unlocked permanently.

But the focus of this post is whether a non-activated phone can be unlocked or not.

What is a non-activated phone?

A non-activated phone is a device that is not receiving any carrier signals. It won’t function on any SIM card before it is activated.

This means you may be able to do things such as listen to music or connect to WiFi in some instances, but when it comes to making calls and sending SMS messages, you are out of luck.

To do most of the things that a normal phone in contract with a certain carrier does, you need to make sure your phone is activated.

Activation needs to be done on a certain carrier, so you just can’t go ahead and use your

Can a non-activated phone be unlocked?

Now the answer to this big question; yes a non activated phone can be unlocked, just like an activated phone. You need the IMEI number of your device that could be there in the SIM card tray; it’s a 15 digit code in most phone brands.

This particular IMEI code needs to be submitted to the unlock service provider, who will check the details and send you unlocking instructions. In many cases, the provider will offer personal assistance to help you find the IMEI number and get the device SIM free.

After a non activated phone is unlocked, it can be used with any GSM SIM card on any carrier in the world. Please note that only the IMEI factory unlock solution can unlock a non activated device; other type of solutions such as the Gevey SIM and the SAM unlock pro as well as the unlocking codes sold by so many websites do not have the capacity to unlock a non activated phone; and any one claiming to use these methods on a non activated handset are likely trying to rip you off.

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Are Online Phone Unlocking Sites Trustworthy?

unlock ans

The title says it all. It’s one of the biggest concerns you have when buying a phone unlock on the web.

You’ve read several stories of how some webmasters have scammed people for their money without providing an unlock solution, or providing an illicit unlock code that bricks their device instead of unlocking it.

But don’t let these few unfortunate instances get you down. Unlocking phone sites can be trustworthy – you just need to know which ones to trust.

The following are some of the keys you should look for in the website. A site having one or a multitude of these key features are usually safe to consider:

PayPal as a Payment Option

PayPal is the safest to make sure that the site you are buying from is indeed legit. You can’t trust unlocking providers who are just asking for credit cards. There have been a variety of credit card scams during the last few years.

PayPal also makes it possible to give in a case when you have paid for the service but you do not receive any service from the website. You just need to attach the screenshot of payment, no service receiving and the transaction details to claim a refund.


The unlocking websites that publish regular content apart from serving service pages are likely to be the most pages. The content should enlighten people what is unlocking, the types of phones, basebands and firmwares that can be unlocked and things like that.

Red flags are those websites that just open up with a few service pages and do not provide any other information. You are recommended to stay away from such websites. Because phone numbers and email addresses and real addresses can be easily listed as wrong. To stay on the safest side, choose a website that does really know about unlocking and does not hesitate to provide free information to its customers.

Customer Service and refund Policy

Do not forget that customer service is pretty important; choose a website that provides a good customer service, preferably have someone available in live chat to answer your questions and queries. A site that does not have a customer service option may just run away with your money.

You should also look for a refund policy because there are many sites that do not list refund policies and leave you in no land to ask for a refund. A site that is trustworthy will always list a transparent refund policy for its customers.

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How to avoid buying stolen phones from Craigslist or Ebay?

stolen Craigslist or Ebay

You’ve been recently seeing a lot of new phones on eBay or Craigslist.

And you’re really impressed.

Why wouldn’t you be? There are several models available, from several brands, even those that were discontinued by manufacturers themselves.

And if that’s not enough of an attraction for you, there’s the factor of price. eBay and Craigslist have phones with one of the most reasonable prices available in online and offline markets.

You just need to place an order to an eBay or Craigslist seller and the device will be delivered right at your doorstep. Several payment options, including PayPal, further add icing to the cake.

But wait right there… You don’t want to end up buying a stolen phone which has been reported to the police. You will only end up losing your hard earned money in the end if you are not able to detect the difference between a clean phone and a stolen phone.

So how do you distinguish a legitimate phone from a stolen one? Here’s a guide to help you out.

Detecting stolen phones from eBay or Craigslist to avoid money loss

The most important thing you have to do is verify the IMEI of your device. There is a unique 15 digit IMEI number associated with every mobile phone, and based on this number, you can check a lot of details about the device you are going to buy.

Even if the seller has described the phone in an excellent condition, check the IMEI number because if the IMEI is blacklisted, you would only end up with an expensive toy. This is because a blacklisted IMEI is associated with a phone that is usually stolen.

And the stolen phone with a blacklisted IMEI can’t be used on any mobile carrier in your country. Period. While most sellers won’t publish the IMEI number on Craigslist or eBay, you would want to request this information separately. You can use an IMEI checker service on the web to check the status of the device you plan to buy.

Also, be sure to ask questions from the seller. Don’t be shy from asking who was the previous owner of the device, what is the reason for selling, is there any warranty backing the phone, and questions like that. The seller won’t hesitate to provide answers if he/she is selling a legit thing.

Use common sense when buying from eBay or Craigslist. The pointers above will make sure you don’t end up wasting your money.

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Does My Phone Automatically Unlock After Contract Ends?

Contract Ends

If you own a phone that is on contract with a carrier such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile, you may wonder if you’ll be eligible for an unlock once your contract ends.

Here’s your answer.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint committed to unlocking cell phones of customers once their contracts were paid off. The wireless carriers, starting from December last year, alleged to notify customers when their devices become eligible for an unlock, or automatically unlock their devices on a remote basis without charging any money.

Each of these carriers were also posting clear unlocking policy on their website. Carriers, upon customer request, will unlock wireless devices or provide the required information to customers to unlock devices and former customers who are in good standing. They will unlock devices no later than a year after the original activation, consistent with reasonable payment, time, or usage requirements.

Carriers locking devices clearly notify customers that their devices are eligible for unlocking or automatically provide a remote unlocking service without a fee. However, carriers have the right to charge non-customers or non-former customers a fee for unlocking. Notice to customers may be given at the time of eligibility, at the time of sale, or though the unlocking policy on the carrier’s website.

The response time is two days after a request has been received. The eligible devices will be unlocked by the wireless carrier and a request will be initiated to the OEM to unlock the eligible device, or provide an explanation why the device can’t be unlocked, or why the carrier needs for time for processing the request.

Also, carriers will unlock wireless devices for military personnel who are customers in good standing upon deployment papers. These personnel, just like consumers, will have access to clear unlocking policies on carrier website.

So your phone specifically not automatically unlocks once your contract ends; you have to check with your carrier whether your device is eligible for an unlock. If it isn’t, for some reason, you can always take the alternative route with an IMEI unlock solution. The alternative mention here, however, will also check if your device is eligible for an unlock.

The unlock provider is also going to check whether your phone was activated, because these services usually don’t unlock blacklisted or blocked phones. Carriers also don’t unlock blacklisted or blocked phones. Know the state of your device before requesting an unlock from the carrier or service provider.

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Difference Between Manufacturer Lock & Network Lock For Mobile Phones


The average user is not aware of the different between two major types of locks used to describe all locked mobile phone: manufacturer lock and network lock. In any country, including the US, there are a major number of smartphone owners with these 2 types of locks.

The main difference you need to know is that the manufacturer lock involves a SIM card, while a network lock does not. The network lock has the information of the carrier which is stored in your phone while manufacturer locked phones have a semi-universal security software lock placed on the SIM card slot that guides the phone what SIM card is going to be used.

Due to these reasons, manufacturer locked phones can be unlocked with a password that the manufacturer has. Once the passcode has been entered the phone is going to allow the use of any SIM card in the card slot, without any restrictions.

Network locked phones, on the other hand, don’t include this password unlocking feature, since they do not have a built in locking mechanism. They must be flashed with a particular firmware that has the carrier information in it before they can be used on another network.

Network locked phones can also be unlocked with the help of network unlock codes, which are similar in nature to subsidy codes in the perspective that special characters are inserted in the mobile in order to free it from a specific network.

Once the lock has been removed, the phone can then be used on any network as it then has the capability to communicate with other networks through the SIM card. The unlock does will be usually generated through an IMEI number for each phone model, and they will be a unique combination of characters that can be used to free the phone from restrictions imposed by a network.

It should however be noted that both kind of locks can be removed with the help of a genuine unlock service provider. As each phone carriers a 15 digit unique IMEI number, the unlock provider just needs that to unlock the phone. Both GSM and CDMA devices regardless of whether they are restricted on networks because of manufacturer lock or network lock can be made SIM free if the owner provides the IMEI number. However, barred, stolen and lost devices may not be eligible for an unlock.

Network Lock


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Can i use an AT&T unlocked phone on Sprint or Verizon Network?

Sprint unlock

So you’ve over the moon.

Because you have just unlocked your AT&T phone.

We hope you utilized a factory unlock solution, because this is the only legit unlock method available that whitelists your IMEI as unlocked in the phone’s manufacturer database.

Other solutions such as hardware and software unlocks are only temporary and they only keep the AT&T phone unlocked for a short period of time. This time usually comes to an end when you try to update to new firmwares and basebands; and you’re again stuck with a locked phone.

Using AT&T phone on Sprint or Verizon

After you’ve used the IMEI solution on your AT&T phone, your IMEI is whitelisted and now your phone is unlocked. This means that you can update it to new basebands and firmwares and it won’t get locked.

Also, your warranty remains intact and the resale value of your device increases dramatically than the price valued in a locked state. You don’t even need to apply any software codes of jailbreaks because the job has been done from the backend courtesy of the unlock provider.

But one of the main questions is how many carriers are compatible with your phone after the unlock? Will it work on the Sprint on Verizon network?

If you have been hoping to make it work on Verizon or Sprint, the sad answer is your device won’t work on any of these networks. Here’s why:

There’s nothing that can be done to make AT&T unlocked phones on Verizon or Sprint networks. Any AT&T that has been unlocked will be classified as ‘SIM-unlocked’ so it will only work on GSM carriers, such as T-Mobile’s GSM 2G. It won’t work on T-Mobile’s LTE, and the same principle applies to all MVNOs.

Why it won’t work on other networks is because they have CDMA radios. So you cant make your phone work on CDMA networks as it will only function on GSM carriers, probably those outside the United States. The US itself is mostly a CDMA country; not a part of the norm though, because most of the world consist of GSM carriers. CDMA is owned by Qualcomm, which made it expensive for third-parties to manufacture GSM phones.

So your only option to switch to Verizon or Sprint from AT&T would be to buy a new phone at full retail price. The new device can be bought from a reseller, the carrier itself or a brick and mortar retail store.

AT&T Unlock

Verizon Unlock

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