China Mobile Phone IMEI Number Required to Trace

A major international Mobile Equipment I . d . or IMEI number is often a unique 16 as well as 17 digit number employed in mobile phone administering. The number assists identify the owner’s spot, incoming call hyperlinks, and contacts. Almost every smartphone has on the list of unique numbers, except for a multitude of Chinese mobile telephones. Related Articles China Wholesale Offering Durable China Mobile Phone 2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Mobile Phone Camera Module Industry China Mobile Phones for Youngsters to Adults The smartphones is expensive than the china mobile phones

Many Chinese manufactured mobiles lack an IMEI number because to stay production costs lower. The phones either have zero number at all or have got a sequence of zeros. This makes it very difficult to consider mobile phone end users. If a terrorist obtained a hold of these phones, the results may very well be very detrimental.

“The IMEI quantities also gives details of other sim cards used in the same handset. But, if it is just a Chinese phone, receiving these details becomes difficult, ” said an official dealing with intelligence agencies.

The government is in the deal of banning the sale of these phones because IMEI quantities and sim cards have become important to track a smartphone. Intercepting phone calls of these phones are quite challenging because calls can’t be traced from any phone that won’t have an IMEI range.

The issue was dropped at the attention regarding TechInt (specialised intelligence), which is a good number of intelligence agencies within border areas. The agencies warned that there were many of these inexpensive, low quality Chinese mobiles without IMEI numbers to the grey market. There were also Chinese smuggled handsets which have a dual sim card feature. In response to that warning, new software is necessary.

Service providers of mobiles have to load the many Chinese phones without an IMEI range with new software package, giving them a distinctive IMEI number. The owners in the mobile phones must pay for this specific software.

Throughout another two months, owners of these Chinese mobile telephones without IMEI quantities must load that special software to provide it an IMEI range. If owners usually do not load the software because of the deadline, they will no more receive mobile telephone service, as well as collecting expensive toys, enjoys telecomms technology and mobile phone tracking news.

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Search for Mobile applications from the Cydia’s

Now that Cydia show the public its own official store, Apple’s iTunes store is not any more the one and only big supplier of software, add-ons, tweaks and games that can be downloaded onto the cell phone without any other steps from virtually anywhere you you get a cell phone and can accede to WIFI. Some most fabulous aspects of Cydia‘s shop consist in that these applications that it provides are not simply the applications which are take a ride only after Apple’s fabulously fruitful online music shop. Related Articles How Come Answering Services May Be The Answer For Your Business Conditions Best Businesses to Start at Home and Start Earning Immediately Lightyear Wireless Review – User Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials for the Lightyear Wireless Home Based Business Opportunity Significance of After-Sales Expert services to get Business enterprise Cellphone Models

Whereas, the Apple’s iPhone and iPod Application Store has developed a new form of mobile application distribution. Only now could cell phone owners see this kind of centralized place for free and paid applications for their phones. Either though using the iTunes software on a PC or Mac, downloading the iPhone software and syncing the phone, or by directly launching the App Store on iPhone; downloading without charge, removing phone software has never found out a more great or easy-to-use solution.

Besides that the cell phone applications software made by third-party developers, Apple also provides software for the iPhone. For instance, the iWork software package—a collection of Mac users’ comparative of Microsoft Office app—carries a Power Point comparative called Key Note. iPhone users can use a application named Key Note Remote for the remarkable price of 0.99 cents. This great little application enables the iPhone to control the laptop or desktop like a remote—providing both accede to the same WiFi network. After the installation of the Key Note Remote application, the iPhone could be used to start a side show, switch between slides and the choice to see slides in real or vertical pattern. The most impressive part of the application is exist in that it supports split-screen viewing the current slide at the top and the provider notes underneath. Of course the use of this Key Note Remote iPhone product can not come true unless the user has already obtained the Key Note software application for Mac.

For these phone holders, in addition to the Apps Store’s uncrash-able stability, and user friendly UI, the App Store filters the applications it provides for low-quality products and potentially malicious code|malicious code undiscovered|hiden malicious code}, with the purpose of securing the owners. Another advantage|Another benefit|Another good thing|Aother favorite side} of the App Store is that. Though, this measure may also filters out potentially full of use software, modifications, fixes and tweaks.

The App Store’s screening process, though it is beneficiary in some parts, is precisely what led to the gap which allowed programs like Cydia and Installer to get a standing room in the market. Cell phone software offered in the all-new The Cydia‘s have the superiority, though not as diversified as those in the Apple Store, that it provides applications, tweaks and additional service—here is the clincher—exclusively. That’s right, what can be seen in the Cydia store will not be available.

In spite that Installer appeared on the scene before Cydia as a third party cell phone software for the iPhone, it seems that Cydia has gained enough of a following that it was able to release its own Store before Installer. It makes no sense saying that the Cydia and Installer applications indeed carry some of the same iPhone applications. Perhaps, if Installer hopes to catch up, they still had the capacity. Saurik, Dev Team member and builder of Cydia Saurik accounced that in the upcoming new version of Cydia, customers will be acaple of reviewing applications—just like they can act in the Apple Store. This feature will definitely make Cydia Store more valuable

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How to Get Free Cydia Apps

Just because some things come for free, it doesn’t mean they are of no use; free Cydia apps best exemplify this rule. In fact, WinterBoard, and other such free apps, have had an important role to play in the popularity of Cydia replacement software. Continue reading…


Cydia has become the talk of the town, with more and more Apple loyalists shifting base to this replacement software. Downloading the ‘best Cydia apps’ on any Apple product with the iOS as its default operating system helps add to the efficiency of that product, by getting rid of its drawbacks and adding something extra to it. The Apple products in picture here are the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad; each of which boasts of being the best in their respective leagues. All these apps can be broadly categorized into paid apps and free apps, with the latter having a major role to play in the soaring popularity of this replacement software.

How to Get Free Apps with Cydia?

In order to get Cydia apps, you need to install Cydia replacement software on your Apple device; and to do that, you need to jailbreak it first. Now that jailbreaking is not deemed unethical, you can go ahead with it without having to worry about any legal implications of the same. The only thing to take into consideration is the fact that jailbreaking can void the manufacturer’s warranty. If you are comfortable with that, you can go ahead and download the Cydia replacement software and get access to a wide range of free apps and themes available on it.

Irrespective of whether they are paid or free, Cydia apps are stored in Cydia repositories (often referred to as Cydia sources), from where they can be downloaded. In order to download these apps, you need to add these sources to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. While some Cydia sources come pre-installed with the software, others have to be downloaded manually.

In order to add Cydia sources to your device, you will have to launch ‘Cydia‘, go to the ‘Manage’ section and tap on ‘Sources’. You will be directed to a new page which will have a list of all the sources that you have previously added to your device. On the same page, you will also see an ‘Edit’ tab; on tapping on this tab you will be directed to a new page wherein you will come across a box saying ‘Add Sources’ on your screen. You just have to fill the name of the Source/Repository that you want to download and tap on ‘Add Source’ tab below it – that particular source will be added to your list.

Launch ‘Cydia‘ → Go to the ‘Manage’ section → Go to ‘Sources’ → Click on ‘Edit’ tab → Go to ‘Add Sources’ section → Add the name of the source and click on ‘Add Source’

Once you have these sources downloaded on your Apple device, the thousands of apps available in these sources will be just a few taps away from you. In order to download Cydia apps, you will have to scroll through the ‘Menu’, go to ‘Sections’ and tap on ‘All Packages’ tab. This will give you access to the list of Cydia products that are available for download in different sources. You can just go through Cydia apps list, and tap on the name of the app which you want to download. The program will ask for a confirmation, and when you give a nod, it will begin downloading the app onto your Apple device.

Go to the ‘Menu’ → Click on ‘Sections’ → Tap on ‘All Packages’ → Go to the list of Apps → Tap on the App you want to download → App will start downloading after your confirmation

Even though this process is common to all Apple devices which have the iOS as their default operating system, you should ideally cross check and see whether the said app is compatible with your product or not. The apps compatible to Apple iPhone or the iPod touch are known to falter on the iPad, due to the difference in their screen size.

Best Free Cydia Apps

In case of paid apps, you have to pay a stipulated amount of money as the downloading fee or service fee for the app. In case of free apps however, you can download these apps from the sources and use them without paying any money to the developers. There also exist some Cydia applications with a free trial period of specific time. You can use these apps free of cost for that stipulated period, and when this trial period is over, you can either renew the subscription in lieu of a stipulated amount as fee or uninstall them. You should go through the basic information of any app, while giving special emphasis to its price, before downloading it.


One of the best Cydia apps for the Apple products, the WinterBoard app helps you customize the appearance and sounds of various Apple iOS products.


A multipurpose app for the iPhone users, the SBSettings app helps you toggle connectivity options on and off, reboot the device, free the memory, etc.


When you are talking about Cydia apps, you can’t afford to miss out on MxTube app which gives you access to YouTube videos on the move.


The iFile app from Cydia helps you navigate through your iPhone file system and view different types of files. This app also helps you download or bookmark various files and folders.


Yet another of those must have apps, the OpenSSH application helps you transfer different types of files from your personal computer to your Apple iPod touch.


While Siri has been the talk of the town with iPhone users across the nation, the VoiceUtils app from Cydia helps you open other applications and carry out certain tasks by voice commands.


One of the perfect tracking apps available with Cydia, the iLocalis app helps you trace your iPhone with ease. A must have app, if you are prone to the habit of misplacing things.


Installous, which helps you install the trial versions of the various app available at the App Store, is undoubtedly one of the must have apps available at Cydia apps’ store.


It may be relatively old app, but Cydia‘s Categories app still works wonders for you by allowing you to arrange all the app icons in a simple manner in order to facilitate easy access.

MultiIcon Mover App

Moving apps, one at a time, from one place to another can be a tedious task, especially when you are supposed to move several apps to a new location. The MultiIcon Mover app helps you select all the apps you want to move and transfers them in one go.

It is best to resort to these free apps, when you are skeptical about spending your hard-earned money on purchasing apps and themes. Many people are of the opinion that paid Cydia apps have an edge over the free apps. While there is no questioning the fact that some paid apps are truly outstanding, it doesn’t affect the credibility of apps like the WinterBoard app and the SBSettings which are available for free.

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New Complete Instructions On How To Unlock Wii Homebrew This 2012

Wii DVD is also something many WIi owners would love to have. Nintendo Wii with gaming capability and DVD playback is something more impressive and of course possible. Unlock your Wii using Wii HomeBrew or any other Wii hack programs.

Commonly uttered by countless gamers is the name Wii Homebrew. Why is this so? Many people might ask you this if you have not unlocked your Nintendo Wii yet. By unlocking it, you will discover previously untapped potential. Be surprised about how powerful your gaming unit becomes once fully unleashed! Thinking of making your Wii more impressive? Read and you might probably learn more my friend. 

One of the easiest and most dependable ways to make your Wii capable of playing free Wii games is to Softmod Your Wii! Doing a softmod is safe and still has your unit’s warranty still in place. On the other hand, doing a hard modification has the terrible drawback of getting your unit bricked. Hard mod installs a chip while soft mod only adds a program or software, and both have the same results. What result would that be? Unlocking your Wii’s untapped potential and making it a multimedia tool.

Some online game service providers offer good looking deals but are in some cases, flat-out scams. Do not let yourself get duped. Some sites claim to teach you how to softmod your Nintendo Wii for 30 bucks! Unfortunately, the non-technical Wii users are misled into thinking that they are getting a bargain. Modifying your Wii unit does not cost that high! In fact, some trusted online game resource sites can teach you how to unlock your Wii for a minimal fee and even for free! How good can that be? Did you notice the harmony with the rhyme? Anyway, read on.

The impressive add-ons you can expect to have when you upgrade your Wii with a soft modification is that you do not have to spend a huge amount of money getting a mod chip which is potentially dangerous if it fails. Using a mod chip can brick your Wii and render the warranty useless. A soft mod can unlock your unit safely without any possible danger to your unit. Nintendo Wii is a highly advanced gaming console. With Wii Homebrew to serve you, expect safety, convenience and efficiency. Unlocking your Wii to its full potential was never easier with Homebrew around. 

Nintendo Wii’s impressive collection of games is a gamers’ dream come true. Just ask around, and you will hear a lot of positive reviews about Wii’s mind bending games. Gone are the days when you have to rent a copy of the old games because it is too expensive to own. Nowadays, original gaming discs are still relatively expensive but the good news is that you don’t have to break your bank account to acquire all those games you always wished you could have. There are unlimited download options available for you.

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How to Unlock Your Wii without a Modchip

If you’re trying to successfully unlock your own Wii but don’t want to risk losing your warranty and possibly damaging your system while installing the mod chip, then don’t worry because mod chips are no longer necessary to unlock your Wii!

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 I know it sounds crazy, a Wii without a  modchip chip is like BLT without bacon. Everyone knows once your Wii is unlocked, your system will be performing at it‘s maximum potential, you’ll be able to watch movies and downloaded games and lots more. It’s really a never ending array of things you can get done with your modchip unlocked Wii.


Since the birth of the Wii, this has been the only way. This is such a powerful little console. You won’t believe how much raw power is already in your Wii without a modchip.


What’s the reason people unlock their Wii?


Once your Wii is unlockedFree Articles, you’ll be able to download and back up all the games you want and play them free on your unlocked wii. With the help of a little new technology and some great Wii hackers the Mod-chip is all over for the Wii.


The newest thing is soft modding; never again will you have to open up your Wii and solder a Modchip without knowing what you’re doing. More people break their Wii’s trying to install a modchip then for any other reason. The Twizzer team are the people responsible for this new technology and we really appreciate it.


Less than a year ago this awesome little piece of code was created. You can unlock your Wii without the modchip and it won’t even take you five minutes! You don’t even need experience!



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Orange Bowl Score | Orange Bowl Score 2011

Experience the Orange Bowl and 2011 is one of MLS BCS bowl game, and it is between Virginia Tech Hoskiesagainst the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford outgained VPI with 243 yards, with Stepfan Taylor running for 113 yards, added Jeremy Stewart 99 on earth and happiness for 302 total yards plus four touchdowns. This year’s Orange Bowl will be sponsored by FedEx for the first time in 21 years, which is the longest sponsorship of the major bowlsin the NCAA. Stanford D bottled up the entire Virginia Tech offense, save QB Tyrod Taylor.Experience the Orange Bowl and 2011 is one of MLS BCS bowl game, and it is between Virginia Tech Hoskiesagainst the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford outgained VPI with 243 yards, with Stepfan Taylor running for 113 yards, added Jeremy Stewart 99 on earth and happiness for 302 total yards plus four touchdowns. This year’s Orange Bowl will be sponsored by FedEx for the first time in 21 years, which is the longest sponsorship of the major bowlsin the NCAA. Stanford D bottled up the entire Virginia Tech offense, save QB Tyrod Taylor.Experience the Orange Bowl and 2011 is one of MLS BCS bowl game, and it is between Virginia Tech Hoskiesagainst the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford outgained VPI with 243 yards, with Stepfan Taylor running for 113 yards, added Jeremy Stewart 99 on earth and happiness for 302 total yards plus four touchdowns. This year’s Orange Bowl will be sponsored by FedEx for the first time in 21 years, which is the longest sponsorship of the major bowlsin the NCAA. Stanford D bottled up the entire Virginia Tech offense, save QB Tyrod Taylor.Experience the Orange Bowl and 2011 is one of MLS BCS bowl game, and it is between Virginia Tech Hoskiesagainst the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford outgained VPI with 243 yards, with Stepfan Taylor running for 113 yards, added Jeremy Stewart 99 on earth and happiness for 302 total yards plus four touchdowns. This year’s Orange Bowl will be sponsored by FedEx for the first time in 21 years, which is the longest sponsorship of the major bowlsin the NCAA. Stanford D bottled up the entire Virginia Tech offense, save QB Tyrod Taylor.Experience the Orange Bowl and 2011 is one of MLS BCS bowl game, and it is between Virginia Tech Hoskiesagainst the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford outgained VPI with 243 yards, with Stepfan Taylor running for 113 yards, added Jeremy Stewart 99 on earth and happiness for 302 total yards plus four touchdowns. This year’s Orange Bowl will be sponsored by FedEx for the first time in 21 years, which is the longest sponsorship of the major bowlsin the NCAA. Stanford D bottled up the entire Virginia Tech offense, save QB Tyrod Taylor.Experience the Orange Bowl and 2011 is one of MLS BCS bowl game, and it is between Virginia Tech Hoskiesagainst the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford outgained VPI with 243 yards, with Stepfan Taylor running for 113 yards, added Jeremy Stewart 99 on earth and happiness for 302 total yards plus four touchdowns. This year’s Orange Bowl will be sponsored by FedEx for the first time in 21 years, which is the longest sponsorship of the major bowlsin the NCAA. Stanford D bottled up the entire Virginia Tech offense, save QB Tyrod Taylor.

New: Unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS 3.1.2

To Unlock your 3G and 3GS iPhone version 3.1.2 and earlier, visit iPhone Unlocking Solutions today!

The latest versions of iphones are loaded with many attractive features and most of the users of these phones hate to lose it. It is natural for the users to feel unhappy when their contract ends with the carrier company. iPhones mostly comes with expensive contracts with the provider company and when you get a habit of using it, for your everyday personal and official needs ,you find the contract with the company is over. Related Articles Unlock iPhone 3GS New Solution to Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone Unlock iPhone 5 Firmware Version Unlock iPhone 4/3GS Using Ultrasnow On iOS 5 Tomorrow

Unlocking is also called ‘jailbreaking’ or ‘freeing’ a iphone and as you unlock the iphone ,you can run it on networks such as Orange, T-Mobile, Telefonica, O2, Vodafone, TIM, AT&T and Telstra. You are not be bound by contracts to the carrier company for limited use of iphones after unlocking. Most of the users of iphone want to unlock their iphones because it enables them to access various applications of various networks at a low cost.

What is the safest and surest method to unlock an iphone? If you unlock an iphone using the services of a credible company, you will retain all the features of the iphone and you may even get services of various other networks.

Unlocking allows you to change the simcard of the iphone and use different simcards on the same phone. When you take the unlock service of Unlock the iPhone , you can unlock your iphone in minutes as you are provided with a detailed manual to unlock the iphone. In case you are finding any problem in unlocking the iphone, you can access the efficient customer support team of the website. The website has many reviews of customers and you can check the testimonials to authenticate the success of the solution provided by the website. You can unlock almost all the latest versions of iphones from the instructions provided by the iphone unlock 3.1.2 website!
To unlock your iPhone 3G/3GS with quickness and ease, visit the site today!

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How to Unlock a BlackBerry Curve

If you are clueless about unlocking a BlackBerry Curve, this article has exactly what you need to know. Unlocking a phone is quite a simple process, as you will discover further. All it takes is a MEP code from the carrier and following some simple instructions.


Unlocking Without Carrier Permission is Illegal NowWith effect from 26th January 2013, unlocking a newly purchased phone, without carrier permission is illegal in USA. This ruling doesn’t apply to phones purchased before the declaration date.

In case you are using a Blackberry Curve 8320, 8900, 9310, 9320, 8500, 8300 series phone or any other model and if AT&T or T-mobile is the cell company you are subscribed to, your mobile will mostly be locked to their service exclusively. Cell phone locking prohibits your phone from connecting to any other GSM cellular service provider, by use of any other SIM card. Does that mean your Blackberry Curve is tethered to the same cell phone service provider for life? No, absolutely not. There are ways of unlocking the phone and switching to other subscribers. However, as mentioned above, unlocking any phone purchased after 26th January, without procuring the MEP number from the carrier network, is illegal. Considering that you got the phone for a subsidized price, it’s unfair to illegally sever your connection with the network, when you haven’t fully paid for the phone. If you have paid full retail price for the phone or you have paid for the phone through usage of carrier services and your account is in good standing with them, getting your unlock code is quite straightforward.

How to Unlock a Blackberry Curve Legally?

This is a small tutorial explaining the unlocking of your BlackBerry Curve. There are many ways of doing this. The cell phone service provider, your phone is locked to, can unlock it for you on air or it can provide you with an unlock code, that you must enter. There are other hardware hacks that can unlock the cell phone for you, but those are not recommended and entirely illegal now. Most people are unaware that Blackberry mobile phones can be easily unlocked through the service provider, by making a request. When you are traveling abroad and out of your cell phone service provider’s coverage area, it’s better to use another SIM card and switch over to a local network. For that to happen, you must first unlock your BlackBerry Curve. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to go about unlocking it.

Step 1: Procure IMEI Number
Note down the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your BlackBerry Curve. This number is the unique identifier for your phone and you will need it, to get your phone unlocked. To retrieve the number, you will have to type *#06# in your phone. Immediately, you will see the 15 digit IMEI number displayed on-screen. Note it down accurately.

Step 2: Get the Unlock Code
The cell phone software is so programmed, that unlocking is only possible by entering a special unlock code, provided by the cell phone service provider. Unlocking of the phone means severing connection from your current cell phone service provider. To get the unlocking code, you must first contact the service provider’s customer care department. They will first verify your account details, ask for the IMEI number and then ask you for an email address to send the unlock code. The number generally arrives within 24 to 48 hours. The procedure for the procurement of the unlock code may vary with service providers. Once you get the code, note it down. Some cell phone companies may only provide you with an unlock code after the completion of the contract duration that they have with you. Now you are ready to unlock your BlackBerry Curve. Here are stepwise guidelines.

Step 3: Insert SIM and Power Up
Keep the unlock code and IMEI number in front of you. You must have a SIM card (inactive or active) inside the phone for the following procedure to work. Insert the SIM card and switch on the phone.

Step 4: Sever Wireless Connections
When the phone starts up, it might say something like ‘SIM Card Unauthorized‘. Firstly, visit the ‘Manage Connections‘ section, through the main menu and select the option – ‘Turn off all connections‘. This will sever all wireless connections with your BlackBerry.

Step 5: Type in ‘MEPD’
Next, you must go to ‘Menu‘ and select ‘Settings‘ option. Then choose ‘Advanced Options‘. Among the options that you see in the drop down list, select ‘Sim Card‘. Type MEPD through the keyboard (This need not be in capital). No text will appear on-screen, while you do this. You may see a list of phone settings with ‘Network Active‘ as one entry.

Step 6: Type in MEP2/MEP4
Then enter ‘MEP2′ in capital (Hold the Alt and press ‘E’ button to type ‘2’). Again the text won’t appear, as you type. Alternatively, if you have MEP4 code, enter ‘MEP4′. A window will appear and ask you to enter the unlock code.

Step 7: Enter Unlock Code, Restart Phone
Enter the unlock code correctly and your BlackBerry Curve is unlocked and you are now free to use any GSM service provider’s SIM card. This will be confirmed by a ‘Code Accepted‘ message. Just switch off the phone and switch it on again. Go to the main menu and select the ‘Restore Connections‘ option to be connected with the SIM card’s network. With that, you are essentially done. You may connect calls through your new network now.

Caution: Make sure that you enter the unlock code correctly, as only ten attempts are available. If you fail the ten attempts, your BlackBerry will get locked. So be careful when entering the code.

Once the phone is unlocked, you are free to switch over to any other cell phone service. Make sure that you have a valid unlocking code and understand the unlocking instructions clearly, before going ahead, as the phone will get locked with repeated failed attempts at entering the code. I again repeat that it is best to get your BlackBerry curve unlocked from your cell phone provider as they are bound to have the right codes. Going for other phone unlocking services is not recommended for new phones purchased after 26th January 2013 as it’s illegal by law.

Author: Omkar Phatak

Green pois0n jailbreak RC6.1 is here!

The untethered green pois0n jailbreak is finally here!

green pois0n jailbreakThe much-awaited jailbreak for the iPhone4 and iPad has made its debut to gladden the hearts of hardened metrophiles. But as much as we would like to give the glad news that the green pois0n jailbreak developed by the Chronic Dev Team will work for the iPad2, it just isn’t so. So far, the tech gurus behind the green pois0n jailbreak have succeeded only in jailbreaking the 4.2.1 update for the iPhone 4 and iPad, not iPad2.

The good news is, the green pois0n jailbreak for the 4.2.1 does support an “untethered” jailbreak, as opposed to the iPhoneDev Team initial offering “Redsn0w” which only provided a tethered jailbreak. Gobbledygook, did you say?

Well, it’s not really a complicated concept, as much as it sounds like it. The way it was explained is that a “tethered” jailbreak means you should never let your iPhone run out of batteries, because it will shut down. If you turn it on, it will reboot, and your jailbreak will be gone. You will then have to reinstall the green pois0n jailbreak all over again. In effect, you are “tethered” or chained to the computer where you have your jailbreak software.

Bothersome, but not the end of the world.

But the Chronic Dev Team put paid to that problem by releasing the green pois0n jailbreak for both Windows and Mac, which allows you to “untether” your iPhone, iPad and even the Apple TV 2G. So even if your notorious battery hog of a gadget shuts down on you, you will not have to reinstall the green pois0n jailbreak when you reboot.  Hooray! You can download the green pois0n jailbreak RC6.1 for Mac and Windows here. For other jailbreak software that you may prefer, visit BestJailbreakSoftware.

Note, as always, that using even the untethered green pois0n jailbreak will not unlock a locked phone. If you want to use another carrier network other the one you’re tied to, you’ll need to get unlocking software. In general, you do need to use the green pois0n jailbreak first before you can unlock your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPad, but you don’t always need to unlock your phone after you jailbreak. But take note of this please! If you want to unlock your iPhone4, do not upgrade to 4.2.1 iOS yet, as this will upgrade the baseband, for which there is no unlock in sight. Sorry, folks, those are the breaks! If you don’t care about unlocking your iPhone but only jailbreaking it, however, then the green pois0n jailbreak will work fine for you, hopefully.

Author: Kaye Navarro

Nokia Lumia 820 deals – Put your hands on the cheapest deals available

Nokia Lumia 820 is currently the most widely sold out gizmo. The amazing features and the cheap Nokia Lumia 820 deals available on it have made it so popular among all. With all the leading network operators, you can get it at a much discounted rate along with eye-catching incentives and freebies.

Nokia is one among such brands on which you can trust blindly. The giant manufacturer has always come up with user friendly gizmos since its inception. Be it any kind of user, there is some or the other device available at a much reasonable cost. The rate of the device is actually one of the most significant factors that compel everyone to buy the handsets from this brand. Moreover, it has always designed devices according to the trend and hence users of all categories can bank upon it easily. Nokia Lumia 820 is the latest invention of the brand that has grabbed the attention of many with its smart features and a very stylish look. Of course, the users of this era have been focussed while designing the device but as other devices from the same company, this one is also a user friendly one and affordable too with the Nokia Lumia 820 deals available.

This stupendous device is loaded with unlimited features as per the latest trend including 8 GB storage, 1 GB RAM internal storage, Windows Phone 8 operating system, 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, NFC, 4.3 inches  AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen and many more. Each of these features let the user be the part of the modern technology and are designed in such a way that anyone can use it with ease. No matter you are a businessman or a college going student. The mobile phone deals available on it make it possible to use the service accordingly at an economical rate. The Nokia Lumia 820 contract offers are very much into the demand as with the plan one can get numerous lucrative incentives and offers. With Orange, the device is for free with a contract term of 24 months and a line rental cost of £20.5. 100 minutes freeComputer Technology Articles, free texts and 500 MB data are the enticing intensives offered. As a free gift the operator is providing a free connection with the deal as a free gift. For all these you are just paying £20.5 as the monthly effective cost. Isn’t amazing?

Author: Harry Johnsonn