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Can I Unlock my “in contract” phone?

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When you purchase a new phone online or from your local retailer, you often pay very little or nothing for it up front. In return, you agree to stay with your network carrier for specified amount of time and pay monthly charges based on the agreement. This specified time is called “in contract” period. This contract period is usually 1 to 3 years and depends on how much money you put down and what type of plan you subscribe to.

During the “in contract” period, your network carrier will not allow you to unlock your phone. This is the time period in which they claim to recover the investment that they have made in subsidizing your phone. However, if you use a 3rd party phone unlocking service, you can unlock most “in contract” phone quickly and for a good price.

There are examples where “in contract” phones may have a lower percentage of unlock success. Eg: until recently, Nokia Lumia models could only be unlocked with about 70% success rate if the phone is “in contract”. If phone is out of contract, then success rate is 100%. We have found an unlock solution recently which increases the unlock changes even for  “in contract” phones. Another example is to unlock finland iPhone Sonera.  This iPhone can only be unlocked if the phone is out of contract. T-Mobile network also enforces this rule very stringently. Of course this is true as of this writing. As new unlock methods become available, the success rate and cost of unlocking these devices also changes.



Most phones however, can be unlocked while they are still “in contract”. But before a phone can be unlocked, you must have it activated with the network that you bought it with. For example: you buy an iPhone locked with AT&T and the retailer will give you that phone with instructions on how to activate the phone with AT&T network. When you bring home that phone and purchase an iPhone unlocking service without activating it, the unlocking service will NOT be able to unlock that phone for you. You must activate that phone with AT&T by following the activation instructions provided by the retailer/manufacturer. Once phone has been activated, you can purchase the unlock service after which it can be unlocked.


If during the contract term, you report your phone as stolen if you are late in paying your bills, your phone may be listed as blocked or blacklisted by your network carrier.  Simply what the means is that you cannot use your phone with your network or any other network. Blocked or Blacklisted phones are a little more tricky to unlock and also may take a little longer.  This is most apparent if you have an iPhone. Unlocking a blocked or blacklisted phone success depends on the network that has placed that block. AT&T phones with this status are easier to unlock than Verizon phones for example. Due to the time duration that it takes to unlock Verizon phone with this status, most suppliers do not offer this service. Also the process much more costly and success rates are low. For Verizon blocked phones, you will see that this service is not listed on many sites.

To unlock phone with AT&T network, click here:

To unlock phone with AT&T and ALL other networks, click here:


















Factory Unlock Phone vs Roaming Fees


If you phone is “in contract” with your carrier and you travel, you may end up paying hefty charges for roaming fees to call your loved ones back home. There are several factors to consider whether you should opt for having your mobile factory unlocked vs just paying up the roaming charges. Here are a few:

– Duration of Travel
– Place of Travel
– How many calls you will be making
– Business Travel vs Personal Travel
– Type of use
– Network your phone is currently locked to
– Ease of getting temporary SIM at your travel destination

Considering all these factors,  you will need to look at which applies to you the most to make your decision:

Duration of Travel:

If you will be traveling for an extended period of time, then factory unlocking your phone may be the right decision. If you are locked to a network in the US, roaming fees for other countries may vary from $1 to $8 per minute depending upon which country you are traveling to.

Place of Travel:

Roaming fees for different countries is different. Roaming fees in Asia will be less than what you will pay for in Middle east for example. If you travel to India, your roaming fees on AT&T network is about $2 to $3 per minute.  Travel to Iran, Iraq or other countries where network availability is an issue and you pay much more.

Number and duration of calls:

If you will very seldom use your phone just to tell your loved ones about a quick status of where you are, then roaming fees may not be much. But start using your phone more often or make extended calls, those fees will rack up quickly.

Business vs Personal use:

If you will be using your phone for business use and your company will be paying for the usage when traveling, then you may be fine because the cost of roaming fees will be paid or reimbursed by your company. Often times, companies may provide local phones in the country that you are traveling.

Type of Use:

Now days, making calls is only one function of the phone. You may also want to use the internet on your phone for checking email, surfing the web and using other applications that make use of the internet. There will be roaming fees for internet usage as well. Check your carrier to see what the cost per minute or per MB will be for internet use and see if Factory Unlock may be the right solution

Network you are currently locked to:

Roaming fees are very dependent on the network that you are locked to. eg: in US, T-Mobile introduced lower charges for roaming fees. So your roaming charge on T-Mobile may be considerably less than what you would pay on other networks. Considering that T-Mobile is a more expensive network to Unlock, using their roaming fees may be the right solution. But do check other criteria as well.

Availability of SIM cards on foreign networks:

When traveling, there are some countries where getting a new GSM SIM card is quick , cost effective and the amount of documentation required is not that much. eg: when traveling to India, you can get a temporary SIM card for about $2 and you can put refill amounts for as little as $1 at a time. Of course if you will be using it more, it is recommended that you top up with $10 at a time.  For other countries, the requirements may be a little different. As a rule of thumb, developed and developing countries generally make it easy to get temporary SIM cards for travelers.

Note that at arrivals of many airports in most countries, you may have a booth that sell prepaid phone cards. You may use those as they will still be much cheaper than using roaming on your phone. But your phone MUST be unlocked in order to use these cards.

To unlock your phone on AT&T network, Click here:

To unlock your phone on AT&T and all other carriers around the world, click here:

Do note that time to unlock may be 1 to 15 days depending on the phone make, model and the network that you are locked to. So purchase the factory unlock service ahead of your travel time.

Availability of SIM cards

Can all Mobile Phones be Factory Unlocked?

all phone


When you purchase any phone which is “in contract” with your carrier. This means that your phone is locked with that specific carrier. Locked period for a phone can vary anywhere from 1 to 3 years and it mostly depends on how much money you pay up front to purchase that phone.  The less money you put down, the longer your lock in period will be, generally speaking.

During this locking period,  there are factory unlock services that you can use to unlock your phone. These are aftermarket unlocking mobile unlocking services that unlock your phone and these services are not associated with your network.

There are however instances, where your phone may not be unlocked by these 3rd party services.  Unlockers find creative ways to find new methods to unlock your phone. But sometimes restrictions are such that some phones may not be unlocked. For instance, Softbank in Japan is one network for which its currently not possible to get factory unlock. Unlock for Nokia Lumia is another network for which success rate is about 60 to 70% as of this writing if your phone is “under contract” with AT&T network.
This situation can be temporary because new methods are being tested and introduced on weekly basis so its entirely possible that next week, there may be a solution available to factory unlock these “in contract” phones.

Buying new “in contract” phone:

When you buy a new phone, one of the considerations should be how easy it is to unlock a phone with the network that you will be locked to. Each country will have different costs and unlock times associated with unlocking a given phone. For example in the US, its most cost effective to unlock a phone with AT&T networkT-Mobile on the other hand may be the most expensive and take the longest.  Currently unlocking an iPhone on AT&T network with Clean IMEI will cost $40 to $60 and will be done within 7 to 10 days.  Unlocking that same iPhone on the T-Mobile network will cost upwards of $150 and may take upto 25 days.  So it may be that the cost to acquire the phone with T-Mobile is a little cheaper but the cost and time required to unlock that phone later may not be worth the money ou save up front.

Buying used “in contract” phone:

When buying an in contract phone, make sure the amount you pay for the phone takes into consideration the money and time required to unlock that phone. Also note that there are some phones for which there is less of a chance that the phone may be unlocked. As mentioned earlier, a Nokia Lumia phone locked with AT&T network has about a 70% chance of being unlocked.

When buying a used phone which is out of contract, most like you can get it factory unlock it and use it on any GSM network around the world. So you can pay for it according to market value of that phone at the time of purchase.


Can you use your phone on same network on which your phone was Blocked?

When you purchase any phone which is “in contract” with your carrier, there can be several reason for which your phone can be blocked during your contract term. Main reasons for your phone being blocked are:
– Late bill payment (you will receive several notifications to pay your bill before they mark your phone as blocked)
– Your phone was listed as lost or stolen and you received a new phone in your warranty period from retailer or carrier
– Your phone was damaged during your contract period and you received a new phone from your manufacturer, carrier or retailer during your warranty period. Your old damaged phone may be listed as blocked.

There can be additional reason why your phone may be listed blocked by your network. Usually these conditions vary with country and network rules.

If you phone gets blocked, there are services that will unlock a blocked the phone. Do note that not all blocked phones can be unlocked.  For a list of blocked phones that can be unlocked, click here:

When you purchase a service to unlock your blocked phone and you phone gets unlocked, most of the times you will not be able to use your phone with the carrier that you were locked with. For eg: if your phone was locked with T-Mobile and it gets blocked.  Then you purchase an unlock code for you T-Mobile blocked phone and we unlock it for you.  Your phone is considered unlocked but you will not be able to use that phone with T-Mobile. In the T-Mobile database, your phone is still considered locked.  However, you can take that phone and use it with any GSM network around the world.

phone on same network on which your phone was Blocked



If you are buying a used phone on Ebay any 3rd party, do ask the seller if the phone was ever barred/blocked/blacklisted by your network. These are terms that are used interchangeably but mean the same thing.  What sometimes happens if you are buying a used phone from auction network is that the phone could have been blocked and unlocked afterwards.  If the phone was blocked by AT&T and subsequently unlocked, this means that you cannot use that phone on the AT&T network.

Another more concerning issue is that when buying a used phone, the seller may not mention that the phone is blocked and he may have never unlocked it. This means that you will not be able to use that phone at all unless you get that phone unlocked. Unlocking a blocked phone can be more costly than a clean IMEI and may also take more time.

How to check if a phone is unlocked?

When you get physical access to a phone that you bought, you can simply remove the old SIM and put in your own GSM SIM to check if the phone is unlocked. This assumes that the phone in question is on  a GSM network. When you put in your working SIM into another phone, you should see the signal bars some on and even be able to make calls.  Even some CDMA phones have all GSM frequencies unlocked.  For example, and iPhone locked with Verizon works on a CDMA network but when unlocked, you can use it with any GSM network around the world.

phone is unlocked

Unlock iPhone Telus

Unlock iPhone Telus 3



Telus is a popular GSM Network in Canada. iPhone was introduced on the Telus network few years ago and was available locked with this network if you sign a term contract. The length of this contract would vary from 1 to 3 years depending on how much money you pay up front.

As with any Canadian network, unlocking an iPhone with Telus it a bit expensive. On the web, you will find that cost to unlock iPhone on telus network can vary anywhere from $105 to $150. You can find unlocking service at $105 here.

Given the cost of factory unlock with Telus is a bit steep, it is recommended that you only opt for unlocking if you have one of more recent iPhone whose value itself is higher than the cost of unlocking.

canada iphone unlock


In Canada, when you buy a used iPhone on Ebay or Kijiji, do make sure that the phone is unlocked. If its locked, then bid for it accordingly considering that you may have to pay a little over a $100 for unlocking it. It may be worth to only bid/buy iPhone model 4S and later if its a locked iPhone with Telus network.
Also note that the phone is not blocked or blacklisted by the network. This may cause the phone unlock process to cost more and take longer. Currently there is no method to check if the phone is unlocked or if the network status of phone is blocked/blacklisted. You will have to confirm with the seller the locked status of phone and whether is blocked or blacklisted by the carrier.

unlock telus product


How to get Free Telus iPhone Unlock

If the contract period of your iPhone with telus is expired, you can call Telus and request that your iPhone be unlocked. As with any carrier, Telus is accommodating in unlocking your telus iPhone within a day or 2.

Check out video below on how to order Unlock iPhone Telus



To Unlock your iPhone Telus Click here: 



How to Unlock Sprint iPhone

How to Unlock Sprint iPhone 4


There are 3 major cell phone carriers in the United States that use the CDMS network. Verizon, US Cellular and Sprint. When a customer buys an iPhone locked with Sprint network, it uses the CMDA frequency of the Sprint network but the 4 major GSM frequencies in your iPhone are available but dormant.  When you unlock your Sprint iPhone, those 4 GSM frequencies are unlocked.


unlock iphone sprint


If you are traveling and want to use a GSM Sim in your Sprint iPhone, you must unlock your phoneUnlocking your iPhone on Sprint can be somewhat of a long process, currently taking between 7 to 21 days so its advisable to prepare and order your unlock service ahead of time.

If your Sprint iPhone has clean IMEI, unlocking success rate is very high. However, if your phone is blocked or blacklisted IMEI, the success rate drops to about 70%. We do work with Sprint unlocking specialists who will do their best to unlock your phone in specified amount of time.


How to Unlock Sprint iPhone


Current cost of unlocking a Sprint iPhone is $179.99 with our unlocking service. Of all the unlocking services availble for iPhone in the United States, Sprint is probably one of the most expensive ones. Currently its available on few iPhone models which you can check here.

If you’re buying a new phone and somewhere down the line you want to have it unlocked, we recommend that you do not buy a Sprint iPhone. AT&T iPhone would rather be a better option because unlocking service is far cheaper and quicker than Sprint. Also when you’re buying  a used iPhone on Ebay, we recommend that you do not buy one that is locked with the Sprint Network. The cost of unlocking the phone may be higher than the cost of the phone itself.

So in summary, it may seem like I am discouraging you from buying a Sprint iPhone if ultimately you want it unlocked but its simply because of the cost and time involved in getting a lock free iPhone.

How to Unlock Sprint iPhone 5


How to buy Unlock Codes for Cell Phone on Internet

Unlock Codes for Cell Phone on Internet



Benefits of unlocking a phone:

If you have a cell phone that is locked to a particular network, there could be several reasons for you to unlock your phone.  Here are a few reasons:
– Use your phone with any GSM network around the world. This is particularly helpful if you are traveling and buying a local GSM Sim can be cheaper and easier to use.
– Sign up for a different network in your country to avail better offers.
– If you have a smartphone and you don’t use 3G or 4G services, you can sign up on a new network and only buy phone and SMS services.
– Increase value of your phone. If you ever wanted to sell your phone, you would fetch a higher value for it if the phone is unlocked.
– If you phone is blocked or blacklisted by your carrier, then the only way you can use it again is to have it unlocked.

Difference between unlocking iPhone and other phones:

There are many websites on the internet where you can buy unlocking services for your phone. Unlocking for iPhone works a little different than other phones. iPhone unlock works with iTunes and are connected to Apple servers that keep records of all iPhones based on IMEI numbers. When you buy an unlock for your iPhone, the process is executed on Apple servers and in due time, the unlock request is performed. Time to unlock and iPhone depends on the Model and Network that your phone is locked with.
Non iPhones work with unlock codes.  When you buy a service to unlock your phone, the unlock code is calculated based on the phone Model and Network that its locked to. The unlock code can be anywhere from 6 digits for 24 digits. The unlock code, once calculated is emailed to you which you enter into your phone to unlock it.

Check out this page to see instructions on how to perform the last step of unlocking process. This article discusses unlocking for all major phone makes and models.

Difference between iPhone unlock and Unlock


Where to buy Unlock Codes for your phone?

When you search on Google and other search engines for websites/suppliers that can unlock your phone, you will find that there are many websites that offer such services. But you must select carefully. There are people running these sites that will take your funds and may not provide the service that is promised to you. Also note that they may not have any method of contacting them if there are issues with your unlock code. If there is a contact method like email or “contact us” form, they may not respond to inquiries that you put there.
If they list a unlock service on their website does not automatically mean that the service is currently   working. In the unlocking business services go on and off with short notice and website owners may not update the services accordingly. So its best to ask and make sure that the service is available before you buy unlocking service.
For example, as of this writing, all Nokia Lumia models can only be unlocked if they are clean IMEI. Most websites will fail to mention this fact. As a result when you place an order and your IEMI is “not clean”, it may take 15 days for you to find out that your phone cannot be unlocked with that service. Then you have to go through the hassle of trying to get your funds back from the supplier. This can be a frustrating process. So its best to check before you buy this service only if its currently working.

How to pay for unlocking service?

Once you have ascertained the website with which you want to buy your phone unlocking service from, do make sure that they accept payment methods with which you have some recourse to dispute the transaction if your service is not delivered. Many sites will accept Western Union or Bank Transfer. Most of the time, this is a one way transaction. If your unlock service fails for whatever reason, they will not refund your money.
You should pay with PayPal or Credit Card. You will have proper record of your transaction with the payment processing company and a recourse to undo the transaction, should service not be provided.

Here are 2 sites that we recommend for buying unlocking service:

For AT&T phone Unlocking, click here

For all other networks, click here

Here you can find that all major phone Makes and Models are supported, including latest models.


unlocking service

How to Buy Used Smartphone on Ebay

ebay phones


Buying a used smartphone can be a very good choice for those on a budget and you also want the have the freedom of not having your phone “locked” with a specific network.  Usually when people buy a new smartphone, they either trade in their old phones to the retailer for a very low price, keep it in a drawer and that phone collects dust until its so old that nobody wants it or one of the best options is to sell it on Ebay or some other auction network. This is where a seller can find a good match for a buyer.

As a buyer, when you go on Ebay to buy a used smartphone, these are the things that you should check for:


Phone Make/Model and Year: –

Generally as a rule of thumb, the older the phone, the cheaper it will be, all other things being equal. Also note that some phones depreciate less in value than others.  An iPhone will generally be more valuable than other smartphones. In other words the % depreciation for iPhone will be less than other smartphone makes.

Condition of the phone: –

Smartphones are very prone to wear and tear because of the type of usage that they get. Usually you will see blemishes or scratches on the main screen. If the phone has been dropped, you may also see scratches on the edges. Even though iPhones have steel edges which may handle falls slightly better than other smartphones, a fall on a hard surface will certainly leave a mark. Do check all images on Ebay listing carefully to make sure you know what you are buying. If seller has not loaded front, back and side images of the phone, you can ask him to do so.

Phone Lock Status:-

One of the most overlooked things buyer fall for is the “Locked” status of the phone.  If the seller is selling the phone that is still locked with the current carrier, then you will ONLY be able to use that phone with that specific network. “Locked” phones generally are of less value that “Unlocked ” phones.
If buyer has not specifically listed the locked status, do message the buyer via Ebay message system and inquire about the lock status of the phone.
If the phone is unlocked, then it will command a higher value. If its “locked” then you have the following options:
– Use phone on the same network that he is on until contract period is expired.
– If phone is locked, then you need to check if it can be unlocked quickly, easily and is affordable.

For AT&T Phone Unlocking, Click Here

For AT&T Unlocking and all other Networks, Click Here

If phone is locked, make sure that its NOT blocked or blacklisted. Buying a blocked of blacklisted phone  can be a problem because unlocking such phones can be costly, take longer and for some   networks, it just cannot be done. For example.  If you buy a phone blocked on the Verizon network in the United States, unlocking is a very cumbersome process and in many cases  suppliers will not do it because its too expensive and can take very long.

What to do if you buy a blocked/blacklisted used phone on Ebay?

If you do end up buying a network blocked or blacklisted smartphone on Ebay, your first option is to check with the seller if you can return the item back to him for a refund.  Even if you have to pay shipping fees for sending it back to the seller, it may be worthwhile. The cost and time required to unlock a blocked phone may not be worth the effort.

How to pay for a smartphone that you buy on Ebay?

Paypal is a preferred method on Ebay which you should use to make this purchase. If you use this method and you receive the phone that is any different from what appeared on the EBay listing, you can contact the seller and ask him to clarify the difference between listing and physical product that you received. If that does not clear up the matter, you can file a dispute with PayPal. Dispute settlement can take 7 to 10 days to be resolved.
If seller has “cash on delivery” as a payment method, and you decide to pay for it using this method, make sure you inspect the phone upon delivery. If you pay for the phone via COD and later find that the phone is not as listed on EBay listing, you may not have any channel to file a dispute. You can still contact the seller and explain the item difference.





To unlock your Phone Click here: 

Factory Unlock vs Jailbreaking for iPhone

In years prior, iPhone users had few options to unlock your iPhone.  Jailbreaking was an easy and popular option for iPhone enthusiasts .  Using different software, people could unlock their iPhone, iPad or iPod. Benefits were many but there were also few downsides.

Factory Unlock vs Jailbreaking for iPhone



Benefits of Jailbreaking:

Jailbreaking allowed users to install apps for free and also allowed them to install apps that were not approved by Apple Appstore. Users could also install themes that were not supported by Apple. Using another piece of software names Ultrasnow, users could unlock their iPhone. This allowed them to use their iPhone with other GSM Networks. Millions of iPhones were jailbroken and up until few months ago, it was quiet a rate in the Apple iPhone community and for a good reason.

Risks of Jailbreaking:

For users who would jailbreak their iPhones, they required a bit more knowledge of their device and how it worked. For example, one had to make sure that once you iPhone was jailbroken, you do NOT upgrade to a higher level of IOS that may not be compatible with the jailbreak software.  In addition, if you do not properly install Jailbreak software, you ran the risk of “bricking” your iPhone. Bricking is a term which says that there may be a problem with installing the jailbreak software which renders your iPhone useless and there could possibly be no method to go back to your original factory setting.
The other risk is that if you brick your iPhone, you render your manufacturer warranty useless. So there had to be some level of understanding of the jailbreak process to make sure it is done properly.

Unlocking your phone with Jailbreak:

Once your phone was jailbroken, you could install a piece of software named Ultrasnow which would unlock your iPhone at the software level.  The risk with this is that when you upgrade your IOS, this could stop working so this solution is not permanent.




Current status of jailbreaking iPhones:

With the introduction of IOS version 7.x.x, Apple basically clamped down on “holes” that allowed developers to build jailbreaking software that could be installed over the IOS. The process of Jailbreaking became harder and risks increased. Also there were other half way measures like tethered jailbreaks which were annoying for many users.  So until an new jailbreaking system is introduced that is stable and easy to install, the process of using software to unlock your iPhone has become somewhat difficult.
You are now better off  factory unlocking your iPhone using our unlock service which is permanent . So regardless of the IOS that you have installed on your iPhone, your phone will always be unlocked. This also increases the value of your phone and you do not have to worry about upgrading to the latest IOS version to utilize new features of updated software operating system.

What should I do?
If you have an older iPhone with pre 6.x.x of IOS, and you have your phone jailbroken, you can continue to use it as such. But note that you will not be able to utilize the features that new IOS 7.x.x gives to you.
If you have an older iPhone and have upgraded to new IOS, then its best of you to simply Factory Unlock your iPhone using our unlocking service.
If you have a new iPhone which already comes with newer IOS, then its best that you “Factory Unlock” your iPhone.

If you need more help with more information about unlocking, visit blog section of our website.

Click here to Unlock this phone with AT&T Network

Click here to Unlock this phone with all other networks



To unlock your Phone Click here: 

Difference between clean and blocked IMEI

Difference between clean and blocked IMEI


IMEI is a unique 15 digit number for each smart phone that is manufactured by different companies around the world. In the old days, if a phone was lost, stolen or had unpaid bills against it, you could simply take that phone to a different network and start using it there. With the advent of smart phones, things have changed. Manufacturers can now block and IMEI in their database which means that it cannot be used on any network.  The hope was that this would stop thieves from stealing phones as well as ensure that subscribers would pay their bills on time for fear of being blocked by the network if they were habitually late in making their payments.

Is my phone’s IMEI blocked or clean?

Usually your phones network carrier will advise you if your phone has been blocked and give you a reason for it. For non iPhone users it’s not quite simple to check blocked status of your phone. You can submit and order to unlock your phone here and if your phone is blocked, we can advise you. Also if we cannot unlock your phone, we will simply refund your whole purchase amount, no questions asked.
Checking the status of your iPhone is a little bit easier but it depends on which network your iPhone is locked to. You can click here and enter your IMEI and check current status of your IMEI. So you can buy proper unlocking service based on status of your phones IMEI.

Unlocking a clean IMEI

A clean IMEI can be easily unlocked but even in this case it depends whether your phone is “in contract” or “out of contract“. In most countries when customers buy a smart phone,  they agree to pay a small up front fees but in return have to use the network that they initially sign up with. This period could be anywhere from 1 to 3 years and is called the “In Contract” period. During this time most networks will not allow you to unlock your phone. However we have unlocking services that you can buy to unlock your smart phone during the “In Contract” period for most networks.

Unlocking a clean IMEI for a phone that is “out of contract” is easier and quicker. After you have gone through your original “in contract” period, you are free to unlock your phone and use it on any other network in the world.  Most people unlock their phones after the initial “lock in” period because they want to sell it. You will generally get a higher price if your phone is unlocked. Your first step would be to buy the unlock service from us, unlock your phone and then sell it on eBay or any other online marketplace.

Unlocking a blocked IMEI

Unlocking a blocked IMEI is a bit more tricky process. And there are networks for which we cannot unlock a blocked IMEI.  Unlocking a blocked IMEI can take more time, be more costly, success rate can be low and sometimes not possible. For example, we introduced an unlocking service for blocked verizon iphone. The process was to first clean the IMEI and then unlock the phone. This whole process took more than 30 days and success rate was only 40%. For AT&T, the service is cheaper and success rate is much higher. As of this writing, we have success rate of more than 80% for blocked IMEI for iPhones and other makes and models as well.
To see if your blocked phone is available for being unlocked with your network, click here:

Click here to Unlock this phone with AT&T Network

Click here to Unlock this phone with all other networks

Unlock Blocked imei



Apple iCloud Service:

Unique to Apples iPhone is the iCloud identification process. This is the username and password to your iCloud if the customer reports it lost or stolen. The iCloud will keep prompting you for username and password until you enter the proper authentication information.  Upon entering wrong login credentials for certain number of attempts that iPhone becomes locked. There is an iCloud service that will unlock your phone, but it is generally more expensive(usually above $200)


To unlock your Nokia Lumia Click here: