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The Google Nexus S is the first offering Android Gingerbread 2.3

The Google Nexus S is the first to offer Android Gingerbread 2.3 replacing 2.2 Froyo running on other handsets. The phone also offers a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera for photography and video recordi…

The Google Nexus S is the first to offer Android Gingerbread 2.3 replacing 2.2 Froyo running on other handsets. The phone also offers a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera for photography and video recording in high quality, as well as a front-facing camera for video calling. 
The handset is manufactured by Samsung and offers a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, as featured on the Samsung Galaxy S, and is paired with 16 gigabytes of internal storage memory for all your music, videos, photos and downloaded apps which you can get form the preinstalled Android Market respectively. The handset also has a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) allowing you to play mobile games, surf the Web and more with greater speed and fluidity. The phone is the first to run the latest Android version, 2.3 Gingerbread, which offers a revitalized user interface which now contains a new notification bar and improved onscreen keyboards for the multi-touch support offered.
The Nexus S features, as the Samsung Galaxy S does also, a large Super AMOLED display measuring 4 inches. This display also has contour providing an amazing curve to the screen, which is also a first for any handset on the market, which allows it to offer such a slim design.  The brighter display offers a higher contrast and allows you to see everything is a vivid and crisp view with luminance up to 1.5 times greater than other conventional LCD displays offered, while it also provides 75 percent less glare when outside in sunlight also. 
The phone includes a great range of Google applications for you to use, and comes out of the box a san unlocked handset, meaning you choose which network to be with. Applications ready for use include, GMail, Google Search, GTalk, YouTube for videos and Google Maps and Navigation for directions and turn by turn navigation. The handset also features an impressive 5 megapixel camera for video recording and photo capture, and you can download more apps such as Facebook or Twitter to instantly share your media in more ways than already offered on the handset. There is also a secondary front camera for video  calling, with support for internet calls also present.
The Google Nexus S is a compact and beautifully designed handset featuring a stunning display both in design and clarity when in use. The handset also offers great software bi the new Gingerbread operating systemScience Articles, combined with a good range of preloaded Google apps for you to use. 

Author: Dominic Burn

HTC Google Nexus One – Intelligently Beautified Tool of Communication

A new symbol of beauty, HTC Google Nexus One is an awesome gadget with tremendous technology. Users can easily access any application to experience new age technology.

HTC Google Nexus One is an amazingly beautiful smart gadget with 3G technology that is developed with Android OS and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Apart from touch accessibility, it has got plenty of multimedia features to ease its users.

The maximum front part of gorgeous looking 119 x 59.8 x 11.5 mm casing has been covered by 3.7 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that can serve the better resolved 480 x 800 pixels visuals. HTC Google Nexus One is loaded with Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Touch-sensitive controls, Trackball navigation and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off. Its weight is of 130 grams and it supports 3.5 mm audio jack to explore music options.  

It comes with GPS navigation facility with A-GPS support, Digital compass, Google maps, Google Search and Dedicated search key that make it a fully loaded high performance tool. HTC Google Nexus One is expert to upload different WebPages through HTML browser along with GPRS, EDGE,  3G HSDPA & HSUPA and WLAN Wi-Fi facilities. Moreover, users can meet new people on Gmail and Google Talk as well as they can utilize this mobile phone to upload stuff on YouTube and Picasa.

5 MP camera is very good to sharpen your photography skills by covering wildlife, mountains, beautiful birds and many more natural beauties by adjusting the view with autofocus, LED flash, smile detection and geo-tagging features. It has got an excellent audio player to make audible MP3, eAAC+ and WAV sound formats while video player is tremendous to visualize MP4, H.263 and H.264 files. For serving natural quality sound, HTC Google Nexus One has got Active noise cancellation feature with dedicated microphone. You can share happiness by sharing data with friend devices through Bluetooth and USB connectivity applications.   

Up to 32GB microSD support can easily engulf a huge amount of data while its internal storage is also nice with the figures of 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM. 4GB memory card is included with the device. And Li-Ion 1400 mAh battery is a great performer that has got excellent talk timeArticle Submission, music playback and standby figures.     

Author: Faith Hill

HTC Google Nexus One – A Commendable Smartphone to Hold Your Attention

HTC Google Nexus One is a mesmerizing mobile phone that deserves full marks and lots of love of the people for so many reasons.

HTC Google Nexus One is a simply amazing smart phone that has been designed with stunning looks and a set of innovative features. Operated at Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair), this device gets more assistance from Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 GHz processor. It is available in brown (teflon coating) colored outfit.  

Weighing 130 grams, HTC Google Nexus One has been kept 11.9cm in length, 5.98cm in width and 1.15cm in depth. If you are a smart user, you will be pleased to know about HTML web browsing option, 3G HSDPA, HSUPA, GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration, Google Search, Maps and Gmail services.

SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email and Instant Messaging options of HTC Google Nexus One provide effective communication to the users while Bluetooth and USB options are easy to use for data transmission. Its 3.7 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is simply praiseworthy that provides wonderful image representation which is contained within 480 x 800 pixels screen size and gets support of 16 Million colors. Apart from this, the widget is also equipped with multi-touch input method (via firmware update), accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, touch-sensitive controls, trackball navigation and proximity sensor for auto turn-off facilities.

HTC Google Nexus One permits you to store variety of files due to possessing 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 4 GB card included and up to 32 GB memory expansion. Moving next to it, HTC Google Nexus One includes 5 MP camera that is really amazing for capturing photographs and video footages by getting the power of autofocus and LED flash. Moreover, users can also get advantage of Picture Geo Tagging facility. While music segment includes music player supportive of MP3, WAV & eAAC+ formats and video player (MPEG4, H263 & H264 AVC). HTC Google Nexus One is also bringing embedded and downloadable gaming options.

Adding to these, Active noise cancellation with dedicated microphone, GPS navigation system with A-GPS support, Digital compassFree Reprint Articles, Dedicated search key and tremendous Standard Li-Ion 1400 mAh battery features are also adding the worth of this rattling smartphone.

Author: Faith Hill

The iPod Effect

In a time when everybody suddenly seems to be looking to Apple for the next exciting piece of new technology, I’m forced to look back and wonder when everything all of a sudden started to go ‘right’ for them.

Things haven’t always been this rosy for Apple; back in 2001 the ailing technology company posted a year loss of $25 million on revenues of $5.3 billion however, just 7 years later, they posted a $4.8 billion profit in 2008 based on revenues of $32.5 billion.

Such a turnaround is quite remarkable and seems to coincide very much with the release of the iPod; a revolutionary portable media device which enjoyed its first full year of sales in 2002. Initially released in October 2001, the iPod was easy to use and included a large hard drive which had an incredibly large storage capacity compared with the flash media based players of the time. Suddenly, rather than just being able to store a couple of albums on their media player, users were given the ability to store thousands of songs on a device small enough to fit in the pocket.

Over the years the line has been revised several times with the largest commercial available iPod created topping out at a 160GB storage capacity which is enough to hold around 40,000 songs. The current series of iPod touch units feature a touch sensitive colour screen, motion sensor, Wi-Fi and a more realistic maximum 64GB of storage.

Presently Apple claim to dominate the portable music device market with a 73% market share, having sold over 210 million units to date. On top of the revenue generated by the sale of hardware, there is also the huge revenue generated by iTunes which is the associated song download site for the iPod. Having signed the five major record companies up to its service, iTunes boasted total sales figures of over 6 billion songs at the beginning of this year. The service now also offers video content such as TV shows and movies for users of newer machines.

The most interesting point to note is the halo effect that has occurred with other areas of the Apple business following cultural acceptance of the iPod as a ‘cool’ piece of technology. Users appear to have subscribed to the Apple brand and very few analysts would deny that the tremendous uptake of the iPod has had a positive effect on other areas of the business.

The most notable spin off has been the Apple iPhone which since its release in June 2007 has sold over 21 million units. Although we cannot attribute the high number of sales directly to the iPod, there are strong similarities between the two devices in terms of design and desirability.

If we look at the Apple Mac computer, suddenly it has been accepted as a sexy alternative to the boring PC. The market share is still at a relatively small 11% worldwide however this compares favourably with the 4.1% figure that was circulating back in 2001.

I think it is fair to surmise that Apples current good fortune in recent years is predominately down to the new found desirability that allows the products to command their high price tags. In order to ensure this status isn’t lost tomorrow they will need to build on this momentum so that products of tomorrow remain more than simple items of technology, but rather objects of desire.

Author: Chris Holgate

China Telecom Expected to Launch iPhone 5 in October

According to the information from China Telecom, China Telecom is starting to prepare for the sales of the iPhone 5 and conduct staff training. It will accept orders for the iPhone 5 earliest at the late September, and China Telecom will begin to sell it in October. It is revealed that the difference between Telecom version iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 is the machine-card separation. A company insider said that iPhone 5 should begin to accept order in the mid September, but it was put off.

Additionally, on the basis of some reports, a LED screen at the a branch of China Telecom, Chang’an Road, Suzhou, had already posted advertisement of the forthcoming debut of the iPhone 5 and welcome customers to order it.

An authorized distributor of Apple products, Tiannuo said that though it has not information of Apple launch time for  iPhone 5, it has already started to accept advance bookings for it, and the booking fees were 2,000 yuan.

According to the information of China Telecom insider, after reference of iPhone 4 subsidies of China Unicom, China Telecom prepares to spend 1.5 billion yuan for the marketing of the iPhone 5 under a plan named as “Dragon Plan”. Statistics show that in the half year of 2011, China Telecom has already owned 108 million subscribers, which has surpassed American Verizon Wireless and become the world’s largest CDMA operator. At present, China Telecom has high-end users between 13 million and 15 million, with potential to generate revenue of $8-9 billion.

 Since the beginning of this year, China Telecom offers written code service (known as burning crack number) for parallel CDMA version of iPhone 4.

Some analysts predict that at the end of 2011, China Telecom may sell 1.06 million iPhones in total. Meanwhile, according to Wang Xiaochu, company chairman, this company will increase subsidies for its mobile customers with the introduction of iPhone 5.

Since the iPhone 5 is expected to launch soon, iPhone 4’s selling price fell slightly and in Guangzhou, it is about 4Computer Technology Articles,280 yuan now.

Author: Dava

Need For a Sales Force Automation

Are you looking for a Sales Force Automation Solution (SFA) if yes then read on? Before start looking for a solution it is important to understand the meaning and the utility of the solution. The exercise starts by distinguishing between a Personal Information Manager and a Sales Force Automation Solution.

What is a Personal Information Manager (PIM)?

PIMs, such as Microsoft Outlook and PDA software, were designed to help you organize basic personal information. They typically include an address book, calendar, and to-do list, mimicking the paper-based format of each. PIMs enable you to maintain your personal information, as well as basic information about Sales Force Automations, but do not allow you to integrate information such as linking documents or e-mail communications to a Sales Force Automation.

Some PIMs provide basic Sales Force Automation tracking and searching functionality. For example, a PIM may offer the ability to attach notes to a contact, but it would not provide a historical view of that relationship. Piecing together relationship histories with a PIM would require a great deal of time and patience, plus supplemental applications (such as spreadsheets or other documentation).

What is a Sales Force Automation Solution & Customer Manager?

A Sales Force Automation solution and customer manager allows you to manage all tasks and information related to developing and maintaining relationships with the people, groups, and companies with whom you do business. Sales Force Automation solution and customer management involves a variety of activities, including the ability to:

1. Centralize critical contact and customer information and stay organized.

2. Manage and grow business relationships through top-notch communications.

3. Prioritize your work to stay on top of appointments and tasks.

4. Forecast and track sales opportunities for an improved bottom line.

5. Access and report on information quickly for a complete view of customer interactions.

6. Improve efficiency by integrating the applications you use every day, such as Microsoft Office and Accounting applications

7. Access critical information on-the-go from Palm OS ®, Pocket PC, BlackBerry®, and iPhone devices.

Built on the foundation of a contact-centered database, Sales Force Automation and customer management software provides comprehensive tracking and instant access to all contact and company related information. It’s intuitively designed for the day-to-day management of contact information by an individual, workgroup, or corporate team.

A major difference between PIMs and Sales Force Automation solution is that PIMs contain isolated (as opposed to integrated) components. For example, in a PIM you might look at a calendar appointment in one view, and then separately refer your contact list for details about the person you’re meeting. Sales Force Automation and customer management software’s provides a 360-degree view of your contact information so you don’t have to jump from one application to another to complete a task, plan your day, or execute your sales strategies. Sales Force Automation and customer management software is a tool to improve the way you build and maintain business relationships and enhance your professional image. It empowers you to focus on profitable endeavors, such as outshining your competition, by minimizing the time spent on routine tasks. It’s an essential tool for consistently transforming contacts into customers and first-time customers into loyal relationships.

A Sales Force Automation Solution has the following features:

1. Centralize important prospect and customer relationship details for quick, organized access.

2. Manage interactions at the company or account level for a complete view of relationships with that organization.

3. Get up-to-speed quickly and remain productive because of the easy to learn and use interface, eliminating the need for formal training.

4. Find specific relationship details instantly using powerful search capabilities in an easy-to-use format.

5. Manage daily responsibilities by scheduling and tracking activities to ensure individual and team productivity.

6. Forecast and track sales opportunities to stay on top of all new leads and to provide management with insight into sales pipelines.

7. Gain instant and accurate insight into individual and team performance using dashboards and reports.

8. Communicate consistently and successfully with prospects and customers using Microsoft® Outlook® or other e-mail solutions used by your organization.

9. Share and secure precious prospect and customer relationship details across teams of users.

10. View how your sales reps are tracking to their sales goals and how their time is allocated using interactive dashboards and reports. With this information, you can coach your sales reps, and help underperforming reps get back on track without delay.

11. Enhance sales predictability and results by providing a customized sales process for your team to guide their deals through close.

12. Streamline your team’s daily functions so they can focus more on selling rather than administrative tasks, to ultimately improve their productivity.

13. Maintain relationship details, despite sales rep turnover. Rest assured that prospect and customer details will remain as an organizational asset, even as your team changes.

Sales force Automation can be a boon for SME and SMB’s for their Sales and marketing teams. SME and SMB’s in India are relatively new to Sales force automation but slowly and gradually they are adopting SFA processes. Software Companies like Sage India specialises in Sales Force Automation for SME and SMB’s.

You can get more information from their website:

Author: Manish Kumar

Buy Cheap Nexus 10 Online

Buy Cheapest Nexus 10 Online. Cheap Google Nexus 10 Sales & Deals online.   The Nexus 10 is powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor with Mail T604 graphics and comes with a cool 2G…

Buy Cheapest Nexus 10 Online. Cheap Google Nexus 10 Sales & Deals online.


The Nexus 10 is powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor with Mail T604 graphics and comes with a cool 2GB RAM. Combined with the effortlessly impressive Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system and you’ve got one impressive performer.


Buy Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 is a well-built tablet that performs very well in everyday use. It’s a Nexus, so you can rest assured that you’ll get timely updates to new versions of the Android OS.


Buy Nexus 10 online. With its large, high resolution display and powerful front-firing speakers, the Nexus 10 is a media powerhouse and worthy of the Nexus name.


Cheap Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 is well-built. The back has a rubberized texture, so it’s easy to grip. It’s also sturdy, and doesn’t feel cheap. The display even has an extra layer of protection to help prevent scratches.

The screen is a sensation and deserves the plaudits, but the Nexus 10 isn’t perfect…yet. It gets pretty close – especially when you fully embrace Jelly Bean 4.2 – but until Google Play is furnished with more than a handful of 10-inch specific apps the iPad and its choice of 275,000 wins the battle.


There’s no doubt about it, the Google Nexus 10 is a fantastic tablet that challenges – and in the case of the 300ppi display beats – the iPad in almost every department. Google has produced a genuine contender that’s slim, light and tactile; fast, effortlessly easy to use and a joy to play with.

The screen is undoubtedly one of the standout features of the Nexus 10. As the name suggests, it measures 10 inches on the diagonal but more importantly packs an astounding 2,560×1,600-pixel resolution.

With the new Google tablet comes a new version of the Android operating system, though this one’s not enough of a change to merit a new name — it’s Android 4.2, but it’s still Jelly Bean. Most of the changes in the new OS are minor, but they show Google’s still working to refine and improve every aspect of the operating system.

High-def video looks great — there’s the occasional frame-rate slowdown on 1080p footage, but it’s rare, and it looks so good otherwise that I don’t really care. The Nexus 10 is an absolute pleasure to use, even more so than the Nexus 7 — a tablet I’ve also really enjoyed.

Although the Nexus 10 has been made with Google’s firm hand on the tiller, it’s still clearly fallen from the same design tree as Samsung’s other slates. It’s a 10-inch beast with a buttonless, all-glass front.

Author: Jack Chen

The key features of Samsung Google Nexus S

Recently there have been a large number of smartphones released based on Android platform and one such being is Google Nexus S. This sleek and stylish smartphone is well equipped with high end features. It has Android 2.3 Ginger bread operating system which is fastest version of Android operating system. It is one of the fastest device available in the market these days. It comes with a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and has an internal memory of 16 GB that allows you to store plenty of data. Due to these high end features, there has been increase in demand of this smartphone. The high end processor and operating system lets makes the device respond very quickly. It allows you to browse web pages effortlessly and quickly. It provides great loading speed. This smartphone is produced by Samsung company in collaboration with Google. Therefore, it has lot of similarities with the very popular Samsung Galaxy S phone.

The stylish smartphone is light in weight, so it is easy to carry around. The weight of this device is only 129 grams with a dimension of 123.9 x 63 x 10.9 mm. It has superior quality display screen of 4 inches with 480 x 800 pixels which provides sharp texts, images and videos. The display screen of Google Nexus S is powered by AMOLED technology which provides great visibility even in the sunlight. The phone also features usual sensors like accelerometer for auto rotation and proximity sensor. It includes Three Axis Gyro sensor which is very unique and provides great gaming experience.

Google Nexus S has 16 GB of internal memory along with 512 MB of RAM. This provides you plenty of storage capacity to store all your important data. You can store hundreds of music, video clips, photos in this device. The phone provides great entertainment options. It can play music in various file formats like MP4, AC3 and FLAC formats. The phone also features social networking applications that allows you to stay connected with your virtual friends. Google Nexus S has many Google applications and that include Google Maps and Navigation, Google Search, Voice Action, Gmail, Mobile Instant, Google Earth and many more. These applications will enhance your mobile experience.

Talking about its camera, it has 5 megapixels camera with 2560 x 1920 pixels picture resolution. It lets you take crystal clear images and videos. Overall, it is a superb smartphone with plenty of high end features.


What Is The Difference Between Mace and Pepper Spray?

First of all, Mace is a registered brand name. All of Mace’s products now are either straight OC Pepper Spray and/or Oleoresin Capsicum (OC)/Tear gas combinations, foam or gel. Don’t get Mace confused with Pepper Spray. The actual chemical compound of Mace has not been used for 15 years. Mace is an irritant that is very similar to tear gas causing coughing and is on irritant. On the other hand. Pepper spray will cause inflammation of the capillaries in the eyes causing temporary blindness, nausea, cut off all but life support breathing and crate a very strong burning or stinging sensation.

Tear gas and Mace generally work on the pain principle, but that’s sometimes not enough for an assailant who is under the influence of certain drugs, alcohol, someone who may be psychotic or just doesn’t feel pain. Pepper Spray on the other hand, works to physically incapacitate the assailant, regardless of pain tolerances.

The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum (OC), a chemical found on cayenne peppers (hence the name ‘pepper’ spray). When this is sprayed into someone’s face, the OC affects the eyes, throat, nose and lungs. The capillaries in the eyes instantly dilate, causing the eyelids to shut. The bronchial tubes swell tightly, making it hard for the attacker to breathe. The effects last a few minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the concentration of OC – long enough for the would-be victim to get away and contact the police.

Pepper Spray is available in many formats as in spray, foam or gel. It also comes anywhere from large cans to small canisters that can fit on a key chain. Mace Triple Action combines pepper spray, tear gas and UV Ultra-Violet dye for an all-out assault on any attacker. The UV dye is used for its color purple, which stains the attacker for later identification. Pepper foam is the same as PepperGard and Pepper Mace except that it sprays in the form of thick foam instead of a liquid. It also included the UV dye.

Some states have restrictions pertaining to self-defense sprays. It is the responsibility of the comsumer to check with your local Police Department for any restrictions that may apply in your area.

Author: Debbie Boultinghouse

How to find out right person to fix iphone

Iphone is one of the coolest devices of modern time. It is always matter of pride if you have one. However, it becomes matter of disappointment if your iphone get damaged, no matter how it happened. Due to damaged iphone you become out of contact with your friends, family and other near and dear ones. Neither you will be able to receive calls nor can you make calls.

It is always matter of pride if you own an iphone. However, if you want to enjoy your iphone fullest you need to know how to fix your iphone otherwise you may face problem.
Learning how to fix iphone will help you a lot especially if it get damaged or if it is not working properly you can fix it yourself quickly. Otherwise you must know some reliable person who knows to repair iphone. The first step of fixing iphone is to find out the fault of the device.

If anyone is facing problem with his or her iphone then two choices are left to fix your iphone; either you can try it yourself or you can take help of technician who are experienced in repairing iphone or any iphone authorized servicing shop. You can leave your faulty iphone to shop those who are providing iphone repair service or you can call service technician at your home. Though this alternative will cost you much but no doubt it is one of the safest preferences. One can try to fix it oneself but sometime it will end up with clutter or may cost you double as it may smashed-up further.

Iphone is modern day’s gadget. So it is obvious that it incorporates advance technologies. If you are not aware of these technologies and try to fix your broken or damaged iphone by yourself, you will face a lot of difficulties. Because, you don’t know what you are going to do, so at the of the day you will find that you are causing more damage to your beloved machine. At that time there will be not much choices and the only option will remain is buying up a new machine. That would certainly burn a hole in your pocket.

If your iphone is not working, better send it to iphone repairing shop or call a experienced tech person. An expert’s hand will recover your iphone. Handover it to a well-trained person is not only safest alternative also an intelligent decision because they have all necessary tools and knowledge for servicing it. The main advantage of taking help of professional’s hand is you will be sure that your iphone will be fixed. The downside of the option is it will cost you a good amount of money than the work is done by you.

No matter whoever is going to repair the broken iphoneComputer Technology Articles, he or she must be careful and have sound knowledge of fixing it. Some time a novice technician makes mess of your broken iphone. So you need to review the shop or professional you are going to employ. You can search over internet or can ask your buddies before recruiting anyone for repairing the device. Taking the service of wrong individual or novice person to fix the iphone may produce worse result. It is similar to fixing iphone oneself without prior knowledge. So before hiring any person or service shop to fix iphone you must well aware of their past experience.

Author: Dominik Macinger