Difference between iPhone unlock and Unlock Code


Unlocking a mobile phone provides you with a lot of benefits including ability to use your phone on all GSM networks around the world as well as higher resale value of your phone. However the objective of this article is to show you what the difference is between unlocking an iPhone and any other phone on the market.

Unlocking an iPhone(any model) involves actually unlocking the phone in apples database and then synching it to your mobile device via your iTunes software installed on your Mac or PC. To Unlock an iPhone, you purchase the unlock from our service by clicking here.  Upon receipt of your paypal payment, we start your unlocking process. This involves a process where we actually get your phone unlocked with the apples server where your phones unique IMEI is unlocked from apples database. Time to get this unlocked depends on which network you want your phone unlocked with and the type of service you select.  Express service will get the unlock process done much faster.


Difference between iPhone unlock and Unlock


Once the phone is unlocked in apples database, you need to connect your phone with your PC or Mac and update your phone on the iTunes system. You will then receive a congratulations message which means that your phone is now ready to accept any GSM Sim from any carrier around the world.

If your phone is blacklisted, we can still unlock your phone. This service usually costs a little bit more and can also take more time than a normal unlock. Also note that if your phone is blacklisted with your current network, then you will NOT be able to use your phone with that network. You can use it on any other GSM network in your country or any other country around the world. Eg: if we unlock your blocked or blacklisted phone with AT&T, then you cannot use your phone on that network anymore. You can use it on a T-Mobile network or any other GSM network.

Unlocking a non iPhone (eg: LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc.) involves calculating an unlock code. You go to our website here and buy the unlock code for your phone and network. In the given time mentioned, we will calculate your phones unlock code and email that you to you. You will then enter that into your phone and your phone will display that it is unlocked. You are now ready to use your phone on any GSM network around the world.

Note that your phones IMEI is a unique 15 digit number.  This is the number that we use to calculate your phones unlock code. In most cases, we can unlock blocked/blacklisted phones as well. Please check our listings to see if your phone is available to be unlocked if it has been blocked or blacklisted by your network.

Difference between iPhone unlock and Unlock Code