Enjoy Multiple SIM Card Use with an Unlock Phone

Service providers have the capacity to lock cell phones so that they can have exclusivity of use for their handsets. A lock phone cannot be used with SIM cards other than what it initially uses. Locking phones has been customary to a lot of network providers, especially if they are selling cell phones as special offers or with huge discount prices.


If you want flexibility for your phone and be able to use different SIM cards on it, there are many cell phone unlock methods that you can use. The methods and techniques in phone unlocking vary and are different from one handset unit to another. Manufacturers and network providers also have different unlock codes that will only work on certain handsets.


To be able to unlock your phone, first of all, you need to know if you have a GSM phone. This type of phones has a slot for a SIM card and will function only with a SIM card on it. CDMA cell phones cannot be unlocked.


You will need to take note of your mobile number and your network provider along with what country it is locked to. You also need to know the specific model of your handset and its manufacturer. Most importantly, you need the IMEI number or the serial number of your phone. You can find this 15 digit serial number at the back of your phone underneath the battery or by keying in *#06# on your phone.


Next, you need to source out from the Internet a software that can generate unlock codes. You can chance on this type of software at no cost and the ones that you can download with a fee usually come with support.


Open up the software and key in the things that it ask for including your IMEI number, cell phone model, and manufacturer, among others. Turn your phone on without the SIM card and key in the unlock code provided for it by the software.


If your unlock code is valid, you will usually read the message “Phone restrictions off” or “SIM is not restricted” or something similar to it. This means that your unlock phone is now ready for use with multiple SIM cards. If you do not read this message, try generating another unlock code and try it again.


Unfortunately, not all cell phones can be unlocked with a code. Some times you may get the message “Cannot undo restrictions”. This means that your cell phone is hard locked. There are certain handset models that need certain hardware to be unlocked. If this is the case, you can go to your nearest cell phone technicians or get the help of professional phone unlocking company that can help you with your problem.


Once you have an unlocked cell phone, you can enjoy the flexibility of using different SIM cards on it. You can use multiple SIM cards at your convenience. If you think the services offered by another network provider gives you better value for your money, you can always switch network providers by changing your SIM card.