Get the Best iPhone Themes for your iPhone

Best iPhone Themes? One of the reason that why you intend to jailbreak your iPhone is since you also can install custom iPhone themes into your device along with the you can show off for the friend. How good is of which? Original iPhone interface is which means that boring, it comes with simply black background and default symbols. I don’t know why Steve Jobs doing interface of that ranking on the iPhone. So do you need to know how to get the most beneficial iPhone Themes? Read the rest of this article.

You can get or download the very best iPhone Themes from many different websites. However, it is rare to find it, isn’t it? I will tell you about the site to get the very best themes. Before that, you need to jailbreak your iPhone before you can install and activate custom iPhone theme to the device. After you jailbreak ones iPhone, launch Cydia app with the homescreen, then search for Winterboard practical application. Install it. Winterboard app could be the theme manager for iPhone. You’ll be able to select or activate any themes using Winterboard. You can find boring and normal themes because of Winterboard, but on the web site given below, there is lots of latest and fresh themes for you. You can download and transfer it into your iPhone.

What you’ll be able to change and activate after most people install Themes

1. Movie wallpaper

Video wallpaper is any recordings videos that playing on a person’s iPhone background. It is awesome mod, but beware. Your itouch new generation ipod juice will drain faster as compared to using normal wallpaper.

2. Historical past Wallpaper

You can change your mundane black background wallpaper to any pictures you would like.

3. Sounds

You also can go up your iPhone sounds to your own sound such as musics, voices and numerous others.

4. Icons

You can switch your default icons to a lot more cool looking icons, or you can make your icons using graphic editor tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

5. Lock Background

It is possible to change your lock background to any graphics you would like.

6. Fonts

You also can go up fonts. Default fonts is plain and boring.

Guides on tips on how to getting your iPhone Theme inside your iPhone

After you downloaded your desired themes one specific below, you need to extract it using software which might handle RAR and ZIP data files. Extract the. zip or. rar files to your desktop first. Next, you need to transfer the themes that there is downloaded into your iPhone. Methods to transfer it? There is a few method. One of them is by transferring the themes for your iPhone via SSH, and additional is using USB cables that offered by Apple. I will choose method 2 since the device is easier. You need to download software called iFunBox. iFunBox lets you transfer the themes into a iPhone via USB cables. Duplicate the themes folder, then paste it into this folder : Library/Themes. Turn on your iphone 4, then launch Winterboard. Activate every best iPhone themes, then it will restart automatically. Finally your theme is right now changed.

Author: Sammy Stevens