Hand tool and power tool safety.

One of the golden rules of safe hand tools use is to ensure you first have the right hand tools for the job. Having the wrong tool and substituting other hand tools for the correct ones will only end in frustration and can end up with injuries. The second golden rule of safe hand tool use is to have good quality hand tools that will not only last the test of time but will do the job satisfactory.

Selecting the right hand tools ensures that the job is done faster and easier, screwdrivers for example are designed with different tips that perform different tasks. There are different heads for different screwdrivers and they will fit into different screw types, selecting the wrong screwdriver for the wrong screw for example will damage the screwdriver and the screw.

Always wear the essential safety equipment especially when using woodworking tools to ensure you have full safety. There are so many accidents every year resulting from not wearing the correct safety equipment because we mistakenly think it will be okay just this once.  Many eye injuries are as a result of not wearing goggles when using planes and other woodworking tools and it is simple to prevent this by always being safe and cautious.

Good quality hand tools will not only last the test of time but give the user peace of mind that they are using only the best. There are lots of aspects to look for when choosing hand tools and a good brand name is always a good start, ensuring also that they have good quality handle and blade connection is also really important. Hand tools should always be stored away after use especially garden tools which are often left out in the elements and as a result become ruined. Garden tools especially secateurs will simply become blunt if left out in the rain for any length of time and will either have to be replaced or sharpened.

Most home owners have a combination of hand tools and power tools and the same rule applies to power tools when carrying out essential tasks. Anyone using power tools should always respect them at all times and get to grips with the tool before attempting to use it. Many power tools are great for large woodworking tasks and they make completing a job easier and faster but they can be dangerous and care should be taken at all times.