How to protect your iphone 5 from scratches

As recently many iphone 5 users complained that iPhoen5 was easily to be scratched and peel off its painting, so many customers who intend to buy iphone 5 has put off their purchase plan. But there are many apple iphone 5 users have found out the way to solve those problems. Some solutions are good such as this way which this article will introduce is going to teach you how to protect your iphone 5 from scratches and peeling off painting.  The following this article will teach you how to paste the iPhone5 back film.

Not long after Apple iPhone5 was released, different people have different ideas on this new iphone. As some people think it has bring enough new things to them, while some users are complain this new iphone has more problems than iphone 4s has. iPhone 5 applies the dual-core processor, but despite current many Android flagship phones already have quad-core, but the iPhone5 still do not disappoint iphone 5 fans. The performance of the iPhone5 dual-core beat all Android quad-core phones, which also become a major highlight of the iPhone5.

However, more and more weaknesses are also exposure recently. The iPhone 5 painting problem and camera with serious purple light and other defects become the focus that many iphone 5 users care about. So how to solve the scratch?

First of all, you need to buy