IPhone 5S Mobile Phone for Most Advanced Technology Lovers

The iPhone 5S has made a launch already in the market and the number of customers purchasing this mobile has shot up since its inception. But some people might reconsider the views and say that the features of this unique phone are more or less similar to the previous one, that is, iPhone 4S. That is not absolutely true. The new phone has brought about some radical changes in the market of technology. The super slim phone is really wonderful and it has brought to a new light all your anticipations with the most coveted hands of excellence. You would not stop to say a “Wow”! Just after the first glimpse of it.

The main thing which will be noticed by you at the first look into the new gadget would be its volume. If you hold the phone in your hands you will be able to feel how light the phone is which means that it is very comfortable to handle. The new iPhone 5S is 20% lighter and 12% less in volume compared to its previous counterpart. The weight of the entire phone is only 112 grams which is unimaginable. Adding to that, you will find it has the fastest processor and 8 megapixel camera and many more which becomes too much to handle.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the 8 megapixel AF f/2.4 camera would be a formidable instrument in your right hands. If you are planning to click some 3D picture with your Smartphone of some enviable quality then this would be the perfect instrument for that. Another feature of the camera would be shooting still photos while recording a video. This unique feature can’t be found in any other cameras of a similar category. So comparing the speed and all its associated relevance with the iPhone 5S, it can be said that it is the best instrument in the mobile market. One can get the latest models at mobile phone Singapore stores for reliable and most genuine phones.

Some of the massive changes to expect in Apple’s iPhone 5S in terms of features and specifications are larger display and 4G LTE data speed with some hardware upgrades. Don’t just expect anything too crazy, the features and specifications are not enormously changed but upgraded to slightly higher segments. With the jump from iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5S, Apple has added better antennas, and camera tweaks.

Enhanced battery life, upgraded processor, and a unique software feature which will be relevant to security and NFC are the other potential features of iPhone 5S. The display, design and look remain the same. There is a buzz about replacing Apple Maps back to Google Maps in iPhone 5S. Releasing iPhone 5S instead of iPhone 6 suggests that it is just a semi-update of an earlier version of smartphone. Since; its earlier versions have gained lot of limelight it would be no surprise if iPhone 5S joins the bandwagon.

Overall speaking if you haven’t got chance to buy iPhone 5 can certainly wait for this version to release, as it has got plenty of useful features that you will love. Also; the pricing remains consistent to that of iPhone 5.  Your wait would be worth and you will know when you have iPhone 5S in your hands.

Author: Neha Kumari