iPhone games : another important part of iPhone apps dynasty

gaming apps have their own marketplace to get downloaded. The 5 iPhone apps
that are on top of the list are reviewed in short. 

Steve Jobs has stepped down as
Apple’s CEO as we know from hundreds of articles published on web, newspaper
reports and TV news.  But before leaving
Apple, he was successful in creating a real tech giant. Whatever gadget his
company has made according to his brilliant planning that has driven consumers
to go crazy.  Take iPhone for example.
Not only we saw the craze among consumers when it was launched, but later the
gadget expanded its brand through the large market for its apps. Today’s Apps
Store is a huge centre for reading reviews and downloading your favorite iPhone

Young and teenager iPhone users
love to download iPhone games. It is the creative and genius iPhone apps makers
for whom the iPhone gaming has got everybody’s attention. It is touch to choose
the most popular and funny iPhone games as there are so many of them. Still, I
give you 5 iPhone apps (along with their reviews) to make your own gaming
choices while you download your gaming apps from Apps Store. For more gaming
reviews you can certainly visit website of  iPhoneTemple.com .

Potter: Spells

Harry Potter surely has more
spellbound magic left to be unleashed. At least, the gaming app on iPhone,
‘Harry Potter: Spells’ can tell you so. 
And you can show some of skills as a wizard in Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry through this app. 
You need to find the magic wand and then different hand gestures for 20
spells  ( 17 more spells for premium
versions ) before playing the game finally.

Once you have mastered all the
spells, you can practice all the skills or engage yourself for a hard-fought
duel with opponents (say, players). The application is simply a nice one to use
not only because of Harry Potter but because of the excellent interface and
spells it offers.


Scrabble is one of the biggest
word-making game that is catching the interest of iPhone users. If you are
addictive to forming words with letters and intelligently form several words
from same character set, then scrabble is the game for you. This is the best
app that helps you to play 50 games at once. You can play the game up to 4
players. The game has a learning section and certainly this is the best option
for your Word perfection.

Hockey: FS5

This Hockey game by FlipSide 5
has a very simple interface and relates to one of the very simple way of game
play : put the ‘plate’ on target : that is on opponent’s goal post. This is a
multiplayer game where you and your opponent will try to score goals on each

The game may have similar
functionality with many other interfaces, but it will surely keep you busy to
pass your idle time.

the Rope

This app is the WWDC 2011 Apple
Design Award Winner. Meet Om Nom, the funny character of the game. And get to
know another scientist (i.e. the player). The game is all about cutting the
rope, releasing candy and deliver the released candy to Om Nom. There are 75
levels across 3 different colorful settings that you can use for pleasant look.
The scientist or professor receives one new photo to add to his album as he
completes a game’s level.

The game is really cool, lovable
and exciting.  It is time to engage
yourself with some rope cutting activities.


 Zen Bound  is the aesthetically designed game of wrapping the rope on
beautiful wooden sculptures. The game has a multi-touch feature and has a
unique soundtrack of ‘Ghost Monkey’ behind it. The game has 76 levels of
wonderful experience of wrapping 3D models of stone and wood–blocks, whales,
birds. Zen Bound is a totally different game to play altogether .

So, here are 5 different games
waiting for you to play. As the top of charts list changes frequently, I would
like to come up with a new set of iPhone games for your pleasure. If you want
to stay updated about new apps releasesScience Articles,  iPhoneTemple.com  can be a good site
to visit. Read the apps reviews and be your own judge to download game apps.  

Author: Jassoon Spencer