IPhone Insurance – I've Lost My IPhone – How Can I Get It Back?

Have you just recently purchased an iPhone? Perhaps you’ve only recently started to personalise and customise it to your settings and requirements. You might even have a picture of you and your mates set as the background image. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family and also looking tre4ndy at the same time!

So, the last thing you need to ruin your day it to lose your iPhone. It’s surprising how easily this can happen. You might be at a restaurant and you leave your iPhone on the table and forget about it. You could leave it on the train, bus, taxi or anywhere you’ve recently been.

It’s really devastating when it happens to you, no matter how careful you are, it’s so easy to misplace it. If you’ve lost it in a public place, chances are you’re not going to be seeing it ever again. However, there is something you can do to prevent having to pay for a new handset.

Insuring your iPhone will cover you if it gets lost. In order to get a replacement handset you’ll need to contact your local authority and let them know the handset’s been lost. Your phone operator will also need to disable the handset to it can’t be used by anyone that does find it.

Once you’ve reported your phone as lost or stolen you can then make an insurance claim. Once your claim has been successfully approved you will be sent a replacement phone within 48 hours, in most case it’s even less.

Author: Simon Bell