IPhone Unlock and Jailbreak It Is Safe Now

Yes, and it’s not too good to be true! A safe solution to jailbreak iphones (all models) is now available on the market.

Why Jailbreak? Reason number one: you will gain access to all the features, downloads, and free software! Reason number two: besides becoming more exciting to use, your iPhone will also increase in value!

But instead asking why jailbreak, it would be good to ask Apple why they have so many strict rules and limits! So many cool applications are impossible to access in App-Store because of that! If you don’t want Apple to decide what you should not do jailbreak is what you need.

Once jailbroken, you will be able to download all possible applications, extensions and themes that are unavailable through the official App-Store, via installers like Cydia. A jailbroken iPhone can still use the App Store and iTunes and other normal functions, such as making telephone calls.

Moreover, after completing this procedure you will be able to unlock your iphone. This will allow you to use the service provider that you like and not the one someone wants you to!

There are many websites coming up with solutions on that. Which one to choose? That is not an easy question for someone who has never tried jailbreaking before. The one that we recommend Az-Unlock.Com has a safe solution which proved to work perfectly with my own iPhone (4, 4.0.2 Firmware). After you order, you will be given an access to all their software with detailed and easy to understand instructions something that I appreciate a lot! Besides, you can use their software to fix phone damaged or stuck by previous bad unlocking program.

They have a jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4 with 4.2.1 firmware and even recently released 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 iOS versions. Apple keeps releasing new updates, but still all latest iOS versions can been jailbroken with the help of tutorials provided by Az-Unlock.Com. Besides, we have good news for iPhone 3GS users – 4.3.1 iOS was unlocked for iPhone 3GS. This means that if you updated your firmware to 4.3.1 version and now want to unlock, no need to downgrade. You will be able to unlock your iPhone 3GS on 4.3.1 firmware.

The entire world is now waiting with bated breath for a solution that will unlock the newest iOS 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 for iPhone 4. We hope it will appear soon and are eagerly waiting for the tutorials from Az-Unlock.Com, simple and illustrated as usually.

But if you only need a jailbreak or you are on the older iPhone models or you haven’t updated to the newest iOS yet you can enjoy all features of your iPhone now!

So why lose your time? Jailbreak and use your iphone the way YOU want!

Author: Dean Winchester