Learn How to Secure AT&T Networking Campus

Being with Texas-based Internet Service Provider AT & T, the 14th largest company in the World in term of revenue, Forbes 2011 can be a matter of proud. But technology has never been devoid of errors or issues, and moreover these are highly unpredictable, and problems can happen with any of the services including AT&T U-verse, DSL, Wireless or any other. There can be various issues with the Internet service; it could be related to accessibility, performance or security. These can pinch the network server as well.

Whatever the reason or cause, you are at the receiving end. Understanding this, AT&T Support team offers round-the-clock technical support to fix any related errors. Experts’ services are accessible through phone or email or chat. In case of server error experts can configure the Internet browser, amend the TCP/IP and Domain Name Service (DNS) settings. They can unravel the firewall settings if required to fix Internet connectivity problems, and can remove viruses and malware to protect your digital assets and conversation from getting breached. Email support services is also available from experts, and they are accountable to setup, configure and troubleshoot any related issues with any email clients including Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

Did you know that most of the issues can be resolved without calling At&T customer Support service, provided you have the basic understanding of the computer and Internet? Exploit the ready-to-follow sections available with the portal. The portal has been organized well to facilitate quick and easy navigation. Browse through the categories like: Wireless Support, Internet & Email Support, Digital TV Support, and Home Phone & U-verse Voice Support to narrow down your search and hit the most suitable solution. From fundamental setup and installation to advanced troubleshooting and the removal of viruses and spyware, all is there to ease your job. The mobile devices like smartphones and tablets also join the fleet, and you can avail of technical assistance for those as well.

Accessing the Internet through a wireless router? Remember wireless network can be highly vulnerable, as a person having access to the router signal can gain unauthorized access to network files and personal information. Hence, be conscious while using that. Comprehending the growing Internet threats and incidents associated with privacy invasion, AT&T Technical Support offers instant and effective tech support to secure your personal and business data. Experts can help you to exploit the various built-in security features of router, firewall, and operating system to attain the highest level of protection against the Internet threats.

Now, learn to make a difference in AT & T Internet security. Change router administrative password on regular intervals, enable (Compatible) WPA / WEP Encryption and default SSID, disable SSID Broadcast, and more. Some network security features are integrated with the operating system as well. Apart from the usual Windows Firewall and Windows Defender that were part of Windows Vista, Windows 7 has been engineered with better security features—native biometric support, enhanced BitLocker and User Account Control. Set all as per the requirement and specifications to achieve the desired level of protection. If you own a business then make use of the Windows Active Directory Security and amend Password Policy Setting, Account Lockout Policy, Enterprise Admins Group Membership, and more to secure vital information of your organization.