Nokia Lumia 710 Is it the beginning of good times for the Veteran Player ?

Amid different market feedback coming out, the one certainty emerges. This is that with the Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia has indeed made the turn around.

For the veteran Finnish mobile phone giant the Lumia series of smartphones hold  lot of significance. As it is precisely these set of smartphones that are expected to help it make the revival to far better times than what it has been experiencing in the last couple of years.  Along with Nokia, Microsoft also will be extremely keen to find out how big an hit the Lumia phones including the Nokia Lumia 710 prove to b e in the UK mobile phone market place.

The Nokia Lumia 710 Contract , is the younger cousin in the lot of Lumia smartphones that we have in the market place.  The other two are  —  Nokia 800 and the Nokia 900. The Nokia Lumia 710 was released in late November in the UK mobile phone market place.  Naturally Nokia along with the other mobile phone industry experts expected the Nokia Lumia 710 along with its bigger cousins to do well in December, 2011. But has this happened?  Well, there is  mixed feedback coming out from different sources.
It is interesting to note that Nokia itself has claimed that the Nokia’s Lumia series of smartphone handsets sold the maximum in its entire history till date. This claim of this player is also supported by some of the figures emanating from a few mobile phone industry sources.  Here, we will look at some of these data that is now available readily.

Lumia series has the Windows Phone OS running them!

But before doing so, it is important to realize that the entire Lumia series of smartphone also carry a far more significance that simply cannot be assessed by merely the sale figures. As it often happens, ,even some fabulous products sometimes also fails in the market place. The more crucial thing to figure out would be how good the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system is. You see, the Nokia Lumia 710 has the latest Microsoft Windows Phone version 7.0 of the operating system. This OS is also referred to as the Mango.

This bit is important to know as it was precisely because of the shortcomings of the Symbian platform that Nokia’s fortunes nosedived in the first place. Isn’t  it?

Coming back to the sale figures, among differing estimates and projections it is heartening to note that no less than 22 analysts from the industry expert Bloomberg have pointed out that Nokia has sold to network operators and retailers anything from 800Science Articles, 000 to two million units of Lumia Smartphone handsets. This is really great news if  you consider the fact that Nokia Lumia 710 came to Europe only in November and the Nokia Lumia 800 has just touched base here. The bigger brother Nokia Lumia 900 is slated for a June 2012 release.

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Author: Cat Johnes