NOKIA X6 For You

We’ve already had our chance to get comfy with the Nokia X6, but there have been rumors about a possible 16GB version coming into light. Although there hasn’t been an announcement for its availability, it looks like it’ll offer more colors than the already available 32GB version of the Nokia X6. Elgar has been heard saying that the 16GB version of the X6 will available in the following color schemes – all black, pink on white, and blue on white. The best part of it all is the obvious lower price point – which should point to somewhere around euro350. Other than the noticeable chop in storage, the Nokia X6 16GM should retain all the features found on the original – 360 x 640 capacitive touch-screen, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5-megapixel Carl ZEISS camera, TV out, and the recently mentioned free navigation. With an expected release in time for Valentine’s Day, it should make a perfect gift for that special someone with its pink color scheme. Nokia E81 will soon release a 16GB version of its X6 handset in a number of new colors, according to tech journalist and the editor of Mobile-Review, Elgar. The device should be available in black, pink on white or blue on white and will be significantly less expensive than the 32GB version at the equivalent of about $500 versus $640. This is due to the smaller capacity, the lack of a headset and the likelihood of going without Nokia’s Comes with Music service. Otherwise, specs between the two models should be shared, including a 360×640 pixel capacitive touch-screen, Wi-Fi, GPS, TV output and a 5-megapixel camera with Carl ZEISS optics. Nokia X6 Music v. IPHONE 3GS, we have pitted Nokia’s latest offering X6 (Comes with Music Edition) against IPHONE to find out which is the better smart-phone of the two. From the word ‘Go,’ X6 has surged ahead of IPHONE, scoring over its rival in camera, connectivity and network, and OS rounds. However, IPHONE no pushover and it have not held the title of the world’s most coveted smart-phone since 2007 for nothing. But can it make a comeback? Read on. Processor: Nokia N900 is powered by ARM 11 434MHz processor while IPHONE 3GS is powered by ARM Cortex A8 600MHz processor. Music and Video: Both the phones come with media player that supports multiple audio and video playback formats. However, unlike IPHONE 3GS, Nokia X6 is a ‘Comes with Music’ phone. Winner: Tie. The media players in both the smart-phones are comparable and both the phones offer compelling features. For instance, X6 is a ‘Comes with Music’ phone, meaning you get access to the millions of music tracks at no extra cost. Nokia Comes with Music is an excellent offering for music lovers as, for 12 months; you have complete access to Nokia’s music store with freedom to download however many music tracks you want. The music tracks downloaded are yours, but you’ll have to re-subscribe if you want to continue downloading more. X6 also has a new feature called Playlist DJ. This is similar to Sony Ericsson’s Sense playlist generator in that onscreen sliding bars define how happy, romantic, sad or relaxing you want your tunes to be. Article comes from: By Joanne