Payg Prepaid Spain Or Spanish Sim Card Ready For Buying In The UK

Carrying on with the discussion of the locked mobile phone problem that certain people will have, if they possess an operator locked phone and want to insert and use the Spain sim card purchased from HolidayPhone, they can pay a few pounds at related shops in Spain where they are technically proficient in unlocking these phones to solve this difficulty. Once the unlocking of the mobile phone has been accomplished then the prepaid Spanish sim card can be inserted and used and it will work exactly as described in the acquired HolidayPhone package. Unlocking the phone in this way while in Spain is completely above board and entirely legal. So people can feel at ease when unlocking their phones while in Spain as they will not be penalised for doing so.

Another obvious way to prevent a person owning a Spain sim card and placing it into a phone of theirs that is operator locked is to buy a very simple straight forward cheap mobile phone while in Spain or even better still, while in the United Kingdom, before their departure to Spain. A cheap phone that has the facilities to text and call is all you need when inserting a prepaid Spanish sim card into it for the card and phone to work. The next dilemma that people will face is worrying whether the type of phone they have will render the payg Spain sim card that they bought from HolidayPhone useless or not. HolidayPhone has researched this particular aspect and has made certain conclusion from their related findings.

The iPhone4 seems to be the solitary mobile phone that HolidayPhone has identified, during March two thousand and eleven, that is fitted with what is called a Micro Sim card. This means that people who have purchased the prepaid Spain sim card from HolidayPhone or have purchased the Pay As You Go Sim cards, these sim cards will not fit into the iPhone4. This problem can be solved where HolidayPhone will cut the payg Spain sim card into the size of a Micro Sim card so that it fits into the iPhone4 mobile phone. This resizing or cutting of the Micro Sim card will be performed by HolidayPhone at no additional cost to the prepaid Spanish sim card owner. This resizing will be conducted once the owner of the Spain sim card emails HolidayPhone immediately after they have placed the order for their prepaid sim card in the UK.

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