Rhinoplasty – 4 Standard Reasons Doctors Perform the Procedure

There are various factors that make people uncomfortable with the look of their nose. Whether you want some small tweaks or a drastic change, surgery could possibly solve your problem.

Getting rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is very popular these days. Since the nose is one of the first things people see, you want it to be in the best condition possible. In addition to simply changing appearance for simple cosmetic reasons, some people have other nose issues that are either caused throughout life or it’s something that they were born with. After so long, the issue can become so bothersome that it can diminish self-esteem and affect quality of life. Explore some of the most common causes for a nose job.

While you may have never had a problem with your nose, sometimes things happen that cannot be helped. Maybe you were in an accident and your nose was broken. If you didn’t get cosmetic help to align the area again, it probably healed in a crooked manner. Also, kids often times have falls or take tumbles throughout childhood. As a result, as kids grow, the nose may not only be crooked but such injuries can also cause a hump in the nose. These issues don’t bother some people, and they feel it gives character to their look. However, for others, such damage is annoying, and they want to get rhinoplasty as soon as possible to fix it.

If you ever look in the mirror and notice something just a bit off on your face, often times this has to do with an imbalance in the nose. Like everything else on your body, you expect to have symmetrical body parts on each side. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that neither side is exactly perfect. For instance, the shape of your nails may be slightly different from one hand to another. Also, some people say they have feet that are a bit off from each other. The same can be said for the nose. One side may seem more or less aligned with the other. When getting rhinoplasty, a surgeon can adjust cartilage to help even out the area.

Problems breathing
There are some people that have serious sinus issues and breathing problems because their noses are extremely narrow. Getting air in and out can be a challenge, especially if you get sick. That’s because everyone has valves; inner and outer. The outer ones are commonly known as nostrils. However, it’s the inner valves or the septum that can also affect how difficult or easy breathing is for you. Some people have inner valves that are open wide, while others have valves that are narrow. To help fix this issue, the plastic surgeon will perform rhinoplasty. This can involve adding a bit more cartilage to help open up the passageway. The good thing is that you’ll get anesthesia and before you know it, you’ll be breathing easier.

Another common reason for rhinoplasty is that people are unhappy with the length of their nose. Some feel their nose is too long, especially if it is really close to their top lip. To remedy thisFree Web Content, a surgeon can take a bit off the tip to help shorten the nose.

Author: Abigail Aaronson