Samsung And Htc Unlocked

A locked phone is one that is restricted to one carrier. Unlocked cell phones on the other hand, allow users to choose the network carrier of their choice and change sim cards if they wish to. Most companies have understood the demand for unlocked phones are providing those in the most popular models. HTC phones and Samsung phones are examples of some of the most popular unlocked phones available in the market.

Unlocked cell phones are a boon for users who constantly travel abroad. Travelers often notice exorbitant phone bills even though they barely make a few international calls. Using a phone that is unlocked gives users the opportunity to pick up a local pay as you go sim card at any country and start using it. These cards are prepaid to a certain amount and help you control your bills. There are several unlocked versions available of HTC phones and Samsung phones. One of the best things about owning a phone that is unlocked is that you dont need to compromise on the features. Most popular phone models are available in an unlocked version thus giving users the benefits of features withou to face the large bills.