Samsung Galaxy S : Only one in the whole galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S is one handset that brings a wide range of features in one. The deals offered with it add many other attractions to it.    

The superior all-round performance made Samsung Galaxy S ”a new leader of the Android Pack”. This s what claimed in its review of this slate type smartphone. The same review also noted that it has the ”perfect audio Quality” to start with. In more ways than not these lines just introduce to an array of eye-catching features that makes this Android smartphone best of the pick among others in its fraternity.

Probably it is because of these high-powered features that it has seen a flux of mobile lovers going for the samsung galaxy s o2. Its not that other deals are not worth it. Its just that this deal brings many free gifts among others. But, there is no denying that the feature specifications of the handset are without any doubt doubt on the tips of all the gadget freaks. No surprises that the latest figures show 10 million unites sold worldwide.

However, talking of the features and specifications, it is endless. It boasts of 4.0 inches wide WVGA Super AMOLED multi touch capacitive touchscreen that supports 480*800 pixels of resolution. There are many other sensory features that include 3-axis Accelerometer, proximity and light sensors, digital compass and many others. Add to it the the 5.0MP camera that can capture 720p HD video and comes attached with many additional features like Auto focus. There is one moire front facing VGA camera.

All these features are powered with he processing speed of 1GHz “Hummingbird” processor and 8-16Gb of internal flash memory. This makes to a complete package of a handset that is best utilized by the deals offered by the networks like O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, ThreeArticle Search, etc. Among these the Samsung Galaxy S O2 is quite popular as it definitely brings better deals than others. The most popular are the Samsung Galaxy S deals as they also bring many free services and some other free gifts as additional incentives to lure the users.

Author: Jack Martinuk