Tips to transfer photos and videos from iPhone/iPad/iPod To Mac or PC

How do you transfer photos that you click with your iPhone/iPad’s camera on to your Mac PC?  You have several options to do it. The photos can be saved from the web browser to the mobile device and can also be imported directly to the Mac or PC. Besides, you can also make use of several third party applications from the internet to get the photos and videos onto the desktop.

Let’s check out some of the methods that can be adopted to transfer multimedia files from iOS devices to Macs and PCs.

Photo Stream on iCloud

Apple offers online file storage and sharing service called iCloud. It has a feature called Photo Stream. The moment there is a new picture on any iOS device, Photo Stream identifies it and sends it over to the iCloud which automatically pushes it to all other Apple devices. Using this feature, you can save  time that is otherwise needed to plug in one device to another for transferring files.

To avail this service, you just need to register your device with iCloud using the Apple ID. If you are transferring data from an iOS to Windows device you will have to get the iCloud for Windows application.

It is advised to always keep the Photo Stream feature switched on so that your new photos are automatically transferred to the other Apple devices.

Connect your device to your computer.

The traditional way of connecting your iPad or iPhone to the Mac or computer can also be used for this purpose. Mac users can take the help of iPhoto to sync photos and videos after plugging in the iOS device on the Mac. On the other hand, Windows users will have to choose ‘Import Pictures and Videos using Windows’ or ‘Import Pictures and Videos’ from the AutoPlay menu and click on the ‘Import Settings’ link.

Sometimes, AutoPlay may not start automatically. If this happens, you will have to enable this from the Control Panel which you can find from the Start menu. Alternatively, you can right click on the device from My Computer and choose ‘Import Pictures and Videos’ to add them to the computer.

Another way of adding photos from iOS devices to the computer is from the Windows Explorer file browser. You can browse all the files on the iOS device after connecting it to your PC from the Windows Explorer. Simply drag and drop the files that you need.

Email the Photos

This is a clichéd but nevertheless a useful way if you have just a handful of photos to transfer to your PC or Mac. Simply launch the Photo app or Camera Roll and choose the photos that you require to be there on the computer. You may also try adding the less heavy videos on to your email. Save the mail and log in to your account from your computer to access them.

Adding photos and videos from mobile devices to the computer is often needed by people, especially by professionals for editing purposes. Editing photos and videos require a large screen, mouse and resourceful software that are normally not supported by low configuration tablets and smartphones. This article will help those people to avoid or minimize time that is normally spent on adding photos and videos.

Author: Brooke M. Perry