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ZTE is a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer and in the US it has some popular and affordable models, notably, ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998 and ZTE Z740(Radiant)

For these models that are locked with AT&T, it is now very easy, fast and affordable to get any of these models unlocked.  Typical cost of unlocking any of these models is $29.99 and unlock delivery time is 1 to 5 days.
In the first half of 2014, it used to cost around $50 and turnaround time was upto 15 days.  Starting July 2014, we have found an alternative unlock method that is much more reliable, cheap and fast.

How Unlocking ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998 and ZTE Z740(Radiant)works:

Within 5 days, you will receive a text code which you will enter on your Z990, Z992, Z998 and Z740(Radiant) phone and you will receive a successful unlock message on your screen. You can then remove your existing SIM and put in a GSM SIM from any network around the world and start using services of that network.

Using Phone for Travel:

Unlocking your ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998 and ZTE Z740(Radiant) is especially a good thing if you will be traveling. Usually your network will charge a very high roaming fees if you use your existing phone number when traveling to other countries. If your phone is unlocked, you can buy a cheap and temporary SIM from the country of travel and use your phone at a very low cost.

Resale Value:

Unlocking your ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998 and ZTE Z740(Radiant) assures you that when the time comes to sell your phone and buy a new one, you will get a much better price for it.  You can also sell your phone to buyers in other countries because now they can use that phone in their country on any network.  You can sell your phone on eBay or other auction networks and command a better value and have more buyers interested in buying your ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998 and ZTE Z740(Radiant)

Unlock Guarantee:

When you get your phone unlocked from us at www.attphoneunlockingshop.us, you will not only get a very competitive price to unlock your ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998 and ZTE Z740(Radiant) but also world class service with our live chat support staff and quick turnaround to getting your phone unlocked.  We have a fully 100% money back guarantee so if your phone does not get unlocked in time mentioned, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Other related phone unlocking:

We specialize in phone unlocking all phones and models regardless of which network your phone is locked to.  If you have tried and failed to unlock your phone from other retailers, then contact us.  We have helped many customers from around the world unlock their phones even after they have tried many different sources unsuccessfully.

How to Order:

Check our video below to see how you can order this unlock from our website for the phones ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998 and ZTE Z740(Radiant) . When on our site, you will have our live chat representatives available to help you with ordering process.  They will also assist you with after sales support.

Click here to Unlock this phone with AT&T Network

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Unlock ZTE Z998

Unlock ZTE Z992

Unlock ZTE Z740  Radiant

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