Upgrading Your Iphone

If you’re had your iPhone for a while then you might start thinking about an upgrade. If you bought an iPhone early on, or recently bought an iPhone 4, or 3gs, then you’re quite likely to be the kind of person who enjoys being at the high-spec end of the phone market and getting stares when you start running the newest and most impressive apps. In order to maintain that status then, you will need to upgrade. Likewise if you have cracked iPhone glass, or even a small chip, you might feel your phone has lost its sheen or that you want to get another one. Cracked iPhone glass will provide a perfect opportunity to upgrade your phone.

If you do have cracked iPhone glass or an otherwise broken iPhone that needs iPhone repair, then you should find cheap iPhone glass replacement or iPhone repair before you sell your phone. The reason for this is that you will get more for your phone when you trade it in or sell it. Where you trade it in or sell it will also be important but if you find a good shop, sell it to a friend or on eBay, then you can get good money for your phone (as long as it has had iPhone repair). This way you can put it towards your upgrade and get something newer. Similarly you could get a new phone on your contract and this way you would be able to get iPhone repair and sell it whilst getting a new upgrade. That way you get $100-$300 and a new phone, which isn’t too shabby!

When choosing something to replace an iPhone it needs to be something pretty special. Fortunately there are many great phone models out there right now that can go toe to toe with the Apple phone. Here are a few:

Android Devices: Android is an alternative ‘OS’ meaning Operating System, so these phones will look and feel very different. However they are in essence trying to copy the iPhone OS so what you will get is a very familiar multitouch interface with all the swiping, pinch-zooming and app downloading you’ve come to love. Where Android is superior is in the fact that it opens up the phone to be more versatile and lets you make your own changes.

Blackberry Devices: Blackberries are highly popular and long considered the ‘business alternative’ to iPhone. One thing that makes them really stand out is their full Qwerty keyboard which makes typing e-mails on the go much easier.