Whether iPhone 5 will pull through Japan disaster

Since launching, the wonderful series of Apple iphones has been capable of making splashes in the entire tech-world. It seemed to the tech-experts as well as ubergeeks that this California based tech-baron has resolved to provide a new horizon to the consistently growing technology.

Friends! You must have remembered that when Apple rolled out its first iPhone in June 2007, it created a sensation in the corridors of mobile phones. This original iPhone was referred as an amazing device, which charmingly mixed the Internet-enabled smartphone as well as an iPod.

But, Apple didn’t rest on its laurels and in the next year in the same month, it released the second generation iPhone 3G. The CEO Steve Jobs declared that it’s the upgrade of original model considering the needs of 3G networking as well as GPS navigation. The tech-savvy people, on the lookout for ceaseless innovation, welcomed this device with warm heart.

But Apple was overall unsatisfied with this achievement. Its enthusiasm and endeavor for incessant mobile innovation resulted in next year in same month in form of iPhone 3GS. This 3rd gen iPhone came along with the compatibility with more faster 3G speeds.

The world was singing the paeans for Apple, but on the other hand Apple was even now also pondering over how to break the earlier records made by its own. The overwhelmingly positive response of iPhone-admirers spurred the Apple to launch its iPhones 4 in June, 2010, the same month but next year. Apple announced this gadget as its “‘biggest leap we’ve taken” in the history of iPhones. This scrupulously developed iphone lured the heart of mobile-aficionados with its much greater 960×640 display, Apple’s own A4 processor, 5MP camera packed with LED flash, front VGA camera, FaceTime video calling facility and a gyroscope for richer gaming experience. Their availability on cheap iphone 4 contract deals also grabbed the attention of customers.

Now, rumor-mill was running in full-tilt that the next generation iPhone 5 will be coming in 2011 in same month. The specs were also around that this much-lauded device can land on 6th June 2011, the starting day of WWDC. But Jim Darlymple thwarted this spec declaring that WWDC 2011 will be on the whole a software event, with no release of any new hardware.

USA based research firm Avian Securities also predicted that iPhone 5 wont hit the market until the end of 2011 or until early 2012. The reason of this delay was attributed to the extreme damage at one of Sony’s Japanese factories and thus not supply of 8 MP camera sensors of Sony, which is the component of iPhone 5.

But now Reuters has cited the statement of 3 people in touch with Apple’s supply chain, that new handset will go into trial production in August and mass production in September. Thus guys! iPhone 5 will be hitting the shelves in September and you can get hold of this device pretty soon just after the wait of a quarter through a bouquet of iphone 5 Deals!