Why Should I Buy HP LTO-5 C7975A Backup Tape

Memory full?, If this is the reason you can’t download more software or backup excessive data, then you don’t have to worry anymore because HP LTO5 tape gives us plenty of reasons why we should go for this one. Today when there are plenty of tapes available in the market to compete with each other, HP LTO-5 tape differentiates itself from others. When we look at the history of Linear Tape Open (LTO), we can clearly see that this technology has been serving us for more than a decade. In the 1990s, the technologies that were used had limited availability and the prices were relatively high. This is the reason why LTO could easily set itself apart.

LTO5 media is the fifth generation of LTO technology. It nearly doubled the capacity of the previous generation LTO-4 tape, and took it towards a new level of 1500 GB (native). It also increased data transfer rate to 140 MB/s, and introduced partition feature that allows tape to be “split” into 2 separately writable areas.

HP ultrium-5 tape, part number C7975A, comes with life time warranty. LTO5 tape technology cuts the cost without cutting performance. This technology would not only suit our money saving customers but also the companies who are trying to cut down their running IT costs. Moreover, LTO is the kind of technology that has been changing with the needs of customers, so LTO-5 ultrium tape comes with all the specifications that one would require at this point of time.

Storage capacity is something that greatly hinders the work of IT managers. Moreover, excessive data in the computer slows down its working and might affect your work. This is something you don’t have to worry about because HP LTO5 tape has a capacity of 3.0 TB and features 2:1 compression. It can store up to 3 TB of data on a single cartridge in less than three hours. Also, for all the people who want everything to be done instantly, HP LTO5 format offers a data transfer speed of 280MB/sec.

What’s left, Durability? That is not a problem because HP LTO-5 features working life of 1,000,000 passes on any area of tape medium, which equates to over 20,000 end to end passes. In short and simple words, it has a useful life of 260 full tape backups. Moreover, it also has hardware based encryption called the AES 256-bit encryption. So in case of theft, your data will still be secure and cannot be decrypted. Also, this technology also serves as a problem-solver.

The HP LTO-5 Ultrium “TapeAssure software” monitors the overall tape system, tracking its performance and problems that may have occurred. The software features proactive alerts, as a result there’s less risk of backup failures and hence data loss. HP LTO-5 technology also has an exceptional feature of Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) that provides tamper-proof, compliant data storage. This can be very useful for the reliable data archival purposes of organizations such as government agencies or large enterprises.

HP’s tape media products provide reliable and economical solutions to an exceptionally broad range of data centers. Other foremost HP-branded backup technologies are RDX cartridge, AIT tape, DAT/DDS tape, SDLT tape and DLT tape. Thus, HP LTO-5 comes with all the exceptional features that one would look for in a storage tape. It is fast, durable, secure and cost-effective. It meets all your demands for maximum reliability when restoring data, offering high storage density, ease of management and high backup performance.