5 Steps – How to Complete Offers on Incentive Freebie Sites

In order to get your prize, like a free iPhone 3g from a incentive freebie sites, you must get credit for your offer. Many people get frustrated as they complete the required offers, all to find out that they have not received credit for their offers and therefore cannot get their prize.

In the past, most companies accepted Manual Credit Request (MCR) which allowed you to prove that you did the offer through confirmation emails. Now, because of the amount of scamming that has happened over that last year, most companies no longer accept these requests. The ones that do,want you to wait 7 days before submitting them.

I have been doing this since April 2007. It is a great Work at home career.

There are thousands out there doing this.

Follow theses plain and simple Directions in order.

I know they work.

I have use them myself every time.

1) Enable(allow)cookies,

Turn off pop up blockers,

If you have any extra tool bars, then make sure they have their pop up blockers off if they have them.

**clear cookies**

2) Log in(register)with the referral the link from the incentive freebie site your trade partner gave you

Look at all the offers you are interested.

Read the terms of services, get all the info you can.You will be looking for: how much the offer actually cost, include shipping if any, how long is the trial period, contact information for the offer company. You will also note what you have to do in order to get credit. Decide on which ones you are gonna do,Don’t do them yet, just read everything and decide what ones you want then…

3) Clear cookies, refresh the page.

4) Log in(log in as existing user),

(You should have to if you cleared cookies,correctly.If not,let your trade partner know it didn’t work, before you do any offers. They can help you figure things out).

5) Go to just the offers you decided to do,nothing else.Leave the last page(the “thank you” page)up for at least 10min. (longer is better, but not shorter), watch TV or something so you do not get in a hurry(some traders have told me they do that ,and it helped).DO not surf, it will mess up cookies.Cookies are what the offers track to see if you did the offer.So we need them.